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Hey guys,

Writers Workshop

Hey guys,

This week in writers workshop I have completed my seed for the ‘what is your true element test (Will add a photo in next blog post)’ and started a new seed called ‘Siren’. For my piece called ‘Siren’ I had inspiration by the book that I have just finished reading called ‘The Siren’ (This has been my favorite book in the whole wide world and please do me a favor and borrow it from the library you will be impressed, no joke!!!!!) so what I did was I used the information in the book of how a siren looks like and so on, and made my own story out of it (Making sure that I am not copying in anyway or another) After I completed my seed I started to right the piece which I wrote and spell checked during masterclass. I have completed a conference form and have added a photo copied picture of my seed so that Miss Torney can see the work I have done to make my seed. I have also placed it into the green conference folder and am waiting fro the green groups next conference.



Hey guys,

In inquiry this week we are on the brink of completing our Zoo Films, Year six have placed each of our computers on top of tables and lockers in the classroom with our first draft zoo film, and also put a peer assessment sheet next to our computers for our class mates to assess.

They asses if the message is clear, if the music is ok and so on. If the video is really good then you will give it three ticks (✔✔✔) And if your film it is good then it will be two ticks (✔✔) and if your zoo video is ok but, needs improvement its one tick (✔) And if your film does not meet the criteria then it has no ticks ( ) And if there is no music at all and so on then your film is rated N/A (Not applicable)  At the bottom of the assessment sheet there are boxes underneath each category, where you write your notes of why you have given your chosen film one tick and so on. So that the film maker can action the notes given for their film and use it to make their zoo video better! I think I did a great job. As I have heaps of three ticks and two, two ticks (Which I have actioned!)


In math’s this week we have been learning about algebra. 6A was given a problem called the ‘Five ladder problem’ In this problem Miss Torney placed a ladder in front of us and we had to interpret what the ladder looked like to us (The class) Then we drew it into our books the way we interoperated it using colours and patterns, then we had to write a algebraic formula using words and numbers to represent how we picture it!

Jade OUT


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