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Hey guys,


Hey guys,

For math’s this week we have been learning more Algebra. We used a game but it was glitch and hard so Miss Torney sent us a link to khan Academy (Here is the link-https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/one-variable-linear-equations/alg1-two-steps-equations-intro/e/linear_equations_2) where we (The class) learnt about two-step equations practice solving equations that take two steps to solve. For example, solve -16 = x/4 + 2. I enjoyed learning about Algebra two step equations. We have also been learning about a machine called “The Fraction Machine” This is a diagram for a example—

Image result for The function mation algerbra diagram



Hey guys

Today for my English post I am going to talk about my writers workshop seed that I am working on called The Element test (What’s your true inner Element) The test is based on real facts which I researched on a official “star sign” site. Which I have written down in my seed book, at the moment I am working on my questions based on the facts that I have chosen. Each question I have has a colour next to it like the colour, green (Earth, Red (Fire), Light blue (Air), Blue (Water) Which one will you be….

When I am done you can test what element you are based on true facts. Here is a element picture I used for my Seed—-


Hey guys,

In inquiry this week we have been working on the year six zoo project, where we have to create video’s for our endangered animals that we have chosen to promote our animal to the public, our job is to spread the message that the animals we have chosen are endangered pretty much. Also if the ideos that we have done are good enough our video will get put onto the Melbourne Zoo site which is really cool…

I choose the Helmeted Honeyeater as you already know, and I have just completed my voice over with my updated script from facts that I have learnt from the zoo.

Image result for helmeted honeyeater

-Thanks guys


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  1. Great post Jade 🙂
    Just make sure you check that your balance equations examples are true, and that you have called the Function Machine correctly.

  2. Great job jade it’s great that you have included a photo for each subjects and each writing paragraph is very detailed. Wow

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