Home Learning | Week 5b | Term 4

Hey guys, Writers Workshop Hey guys, This week in writers workshop I have completed my seed for the ‘what is your true element test (Will add a photo in next blog post)’ and started a new seed called ‘Siren’. For my piece called ‘Siren’ I had inspiration by the book that I have just finished reading called ‘The […]

Home Learning | Term 4 | Week 3

Hey guys, Math’s Hey guys, For math’s this week we have been learning more Algebra. We used a game but it was glitch and hard so Miss Torney sent us a link to khan Academy (Here is the link-https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/one-variable-linear-equations/alg1-two-steps-equations-intro/e/linear_equations_2) where we (The class) learnt about two-step equations practice solving equations that take two steps to solve. […]

English: Writes workshop

Hey guys, This week in writers workshop and masterclass. I have started an awesome seed about war. The genre of books story that I find most fun and easy to write is either sad or scary stories, I find it hard to write otherwise. I have some inpireation on this piece, and that is the show […]

Math’s: Problem Solving

Hey guys, Today we had our first lesson of maths problem solving. We were revised on our compulsory aspects so we know what to do and what you have to add. For e.g., you have to put in your thinking out, don’t erase you’re working out add an explanation and so on. Today we worked […]

Inquiry: Zoo Project

Hey guys, On Monday week 2B the whole year six went to the zoo to learn about and to take photos and videos of our animals from the SOS 10 (Save our Souls ten) But before I continue and how the day planned out I will tell you a little more information about the project that […]

iProject #description

Hey guys, For my iProject I have two choices one to do needle felting and another to get oven drying clay and make fruits. I am going to make the fruits Kawaii and cute, I will also add little faces if I can! What I am going to do… I am going to ask my mum if […]