iProject EXPO

Hey guys, Yesterday I presented my iProject at the iProject EXPO, I presented my artwork of the sun setting over the hill. I also had an extra project as well as my other iProject…. My extra project was my toys I made by stitching them, I made a cat and a ice-cream to go along with […]

|Advertising film|Process|

Hey guys, Recently we have completed our ‘Geelong For Kids, By Kids’ advertising projects. Brief- The main brief of the video we were creating is to make it By Kids For Kids. Which means we have to make like a kid would make it:) Fun and AWESOME. Then we had to do our research about the client and […]

Home Learning | Term 3 | Week 9A

  iProject I have finished my final draft for my iProject (which is my drawing, that I am creating of a sunset) last night. I have also started a sped up video of my drawing being drawn! then when I have spare time… I am going to create art key chains and so on using the same design! […]

RVE cultures

Philippines What are the difference’s between Australia and The Philippines? For one The Philippines is a much poorer country than Australia. Also The Philippines use 94.45% less energy than what Australia uses… They also consume 93.63% less oil than what Australia consumes… Also both Australia and The Philippines are members of The United Nations. Life expectancy […]

Home Learning | Term 3 | Week 8B

Hey guys, iProject Hey guys, Today is the day that I am completing my iProject and here is how it went:) I started of by asking my mum to buy me an A3 piece of card, so that I could start drawing my masterpiece… I started by using my first draft that I have created in my spare time to help me draw my […]