Home Learning | Term 3 | Week 7A

Reading Log Hey guys, Today I am going to give you clues to try and guess what my book is, when you think that you have got the answer please comment yours down below! I will give you eight different clues hardest to the easiest… The main book character is a girl. She likes reading books. Her […]

Hazels blog post of the week

Hey hazel here, I know It’s been a while, Life has nearly crashed because I cant talk to you….. I am sorry. But I guess I’m back SO LIFE IS OK NOW! But there is one issue  SANDY IS MISSING!!!! ARGH!!! I will have to journey far and wide through out forests and long grass […]

RVE project

Brazil What are the difference’s between Australia and Brazil Brazil’s culture is more festive with extravagant costumes which are very bright and warm. They have huge party’s that involve floats and the food they it is not much different from ours but just includes a different shape size and or flavor (Using Spices) Brazil’s population is 202,656,788 […]

Home Learning Week 6B

Hey guys, iProject For my iProject I have drawn an amazing detailed sunset as my first draft and I am extremely proud of it:) Then my next step is to make my first draft even better…. by drawing the sunset on a different piece of paper that is bigger and stronger. Then I will draw […]

Math’s Part 2

Hey guys, This week we have been learning about problem solving. I completed tests on Math’s 300 for Crazy Animals. I found this a little bit tricky at first, but once I understood the game I started testing some cool ideas. Bailey and I were competing in who gets the highest number. But we both […]


Hey guys, In inquiry the whole of year six has been invited to make an advertising film for Geelong And The Bellarine Tourism. They have asked Year 6 to make them a advertising film about around Geelong. Each class got a designated spot to video in for e.g. 6A- Supa Tramp and Torquay to go to video […]

Reading Log

Hey guys, My book that I am doing a review on is called Demon Dentist! Here is my review on it… Orientation The book starts of by introducing the characters with pictures of what they look like and then the book explains what they are and what they do in the book or to make the book […]

Math’s Part 1

Hey guys, This week in math’s this week I found the task really really fun! Bailey and I were both completing a game on math’s300 called Crazy Animals. We both went onto the stage of the game where you roll a dice and it makes fifferent body parts of an animal for e.g. a giraffe mixed with a horse would be […]


Hey Guys, For my iProject I am going to start this week… Plan Of Attack For my plan of attack I am going to draw some ideas on paper of what I am going to paint on my canvas, that will help me make my paintings neater and more complex, so its not just going […]