Hey guys,

So far in writers workshop I have got my piece “Flame” conferenced and have changed a few details like the ending. I am now exited to start to publish my piece. I am going to publish it as if its a hard cover book. I am going  to design my front cover of my book with  a really cool techy digital design program. Most probably Word:) I’m going to use  the materials down below for my amazing book cover-



-Digital design

And I’m also going to make a catchy blurb. I have also created a cool book back  in my old school that is exactly like this so I have some knowledge to help me!I’m so exited to start. If you have any ideas for my book. please comment down BELOW! I am at the moment making a front cover here it is-

It looks a bit muddled up but it can only print in A4 so I will it an A5 size instead!

JADE OUT!write

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