Hey Guys,

In math’s problem Solving we have been completing some amazing math’s journals.

The first problem–

Q1 Key information.

  • Frog Moves up three meters.
  • The frog is in a ten meter deep well.
  • At night the frog slips down two meters.

That is the question one key information. Then I had the challenge to complete the question and find the answer. Here is what I came up withWIN_20160723_141906

What I did to get my answer was I made a chart where on the y axis I had the meters and the x on the top is the days.

I went up every day and then went back down two but when I got to the top the answer was eight, but then the frog slips down another three meters, so there for its not properly out yet. So I did my calculations again and I got the answer nine. The nine meters is when the frog actually comes out of the ten meter deep well. So my final answer is nine.

Bye Guys.


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