Hey Guys,

On this post I am going to share some Ideas I have for my iProjects this year. One I’m pretty sure about and the others are kinda backups.

My first iProject (The one I’m quite sure about) Is getting canvases and starting off by drawing a sunset or a landscape and then using water colour paints to make it colourful. I am exited about this project because it is creative and crafty and I love that! I also think that I could create a series of little portraits and they are all on Nature!

My second Idea (Not so sure about) Is creating a video about my guinea pig Hazel. Telling facts about guinea pigs as well as introducing Hazels BFF sandy. I think it will be fun to do this one because you get to create a TV show with living creatures. It might be a challenge at first,┬ábut I’m sue if I try I can complete it and make it look awesome!

Thanks guys I hope you like my Ideas and you guys vote for what you think is better.

Vote First by using the number 1

Vote second by using the number 2

The most votes win!

Thanks JADE OUT!

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