Hey guys, So far in writers workshop I have got my piece “Flame” conferenced and have changed a few details like the ending. I am now exited to start to publish my piece. I am going to publish it as if its a hard cover book. I am going  to design my front cover of […]


Hi guys, So far in math’s I have been enjoying doing math’s groups! Last night when I was speaking to mum and dad, I gazed at the stars. I though hey I want to be a astronomer. So I asked dad and mum what you need to do to become one. The first thing they […]

Writers Workshop

Hey guys, In writers workshop I have been doing a seed called rainbow spikey ball. Yes it may sound very peculiar, but the story will get even more hilarious. The story I am doing for my seed is that it is back in time and a little girl find a rainbow spike ball and pricks […]


Hey Guys, In math’s problem Solving we have been completing some amazing math’s journals. The first problem– Q1 Key information. Frog Moves up three meters. The frog is in a ten meter deep well. At night the frog slips down two meters. That is the question one key information. Then I had the challenge to complete […]


Hey Guys, On this post I am going to share some Ideas I have for my iProjects this year. One I’m pretty sure about and the others are kinda backups. My first iProject (The one I’m quite sure about) Is getting canvases and starting off by drawing a sunset or a landscape and then using […]

DC films

Hey, For GG and I’s DC film, We did ours about a girl called Parker, who went online on a site called rocket_friends. When she goes online she always meets up with someone that she does not know. Once that guy asked the girl if they could meet up some time the girl was exited […]

Reading Log

Hey Guys, Meet Grace, The book is set back in the old docks of London 1888. The message that the book is giving you is that you have to appreciate the life you have been given as back in those times it is hard to be poor. In book- “When your poor it isn’t easy, I […]


Hey guys, For writers workshop for the fist ten minutes we work on seeds and in that time I created a new seed called Flame. I made it detailed so that it would be easier to do a piece on it I will start the piece next lesson and try to make the genre a […]


Hi guys, This week we have been learning about problem solving. We completed a game called Building Views where we had a A4 sheet of paper that had a 4 by 4 grid on it for e.g. You have 15 blocks and you follow a guide line for the 4 by 4 grid for e.g. you have […]

Reading Log

Term Three Goals, I would like to explore more historical and fantasy genre, as I have been reading a series of historical books at the moment and I am deeply enjoy the series. The series is my Australian Girl. I would like to read like I normally do each night but instead of watching TV until its […]