iProject Expo

Hey guys, For the iProject expo today, I showed my three different iProjects, I showed and or did three because I finished one then another and then I decided to do something else! I made a video on corel and I brought in my guinea pig toy I stitched, I brought my guinea pig journal/Drawing […]


Hi guys, I am super happy! For our TED inspired talks I have completed my recording for my third draft!!!!! So now that my recordings done I started adding the many wonderful and of coarse cute pictures of GUINEA PIGS. Including some sad ones to:( Noooo:( So I need a bit of help, my video doesn’t always have […]

Maths Week 9A

 Hi guys, This week we have been learning about problem solving. We completed a game called “Win At The Fair” where we had to Complete a blank hexagonal sheet filled with hexagons and then you have to write a different way to win money that does not get you to lose money, I did it so you only use one dice and […]

Maths Week 8B

Hey Guys, This week I went to Miss Torney’s math’s guru, I went in Partners with Emmaline and Phoebe. Miss Torney gave our group three different coloured popsicle sticks which we had to decorate on one side and leave blank on the other(We used phoebe’s scented pen’s so they smelled nice)Anyway. . . We had […]


Hi guys, In inquiry I made a progress in my TED Inspired talk, I started of by fixing the beginning as it was a bit, “what is going on here!” and it didn’t really pull you in. I added more detail in the words and the length of the sentence and then I added way more […]


Hi guys, Throughout this term I have been doing all sorts of projects because I finished  them all to quickly or e.g- The start (My first project)- I planted all types of food for my guinea pigs, so that they can have some organic well cared for veggies! Seeing that my plants are obviously going to take […]

Reading Log Week 8B

Hi Guys, For these two days(Friday and Saturday) I have been reading a book called meet grace. It was so good I couldn’t stop reading it so that’s why it finished so quickly 🙁 Now Meet Grace is a seriese of books and even though I have not read the other books I still think […]