In writing I have been working the whole session of master class on one particular piece that piece is—— FLY AWAY Its a story on my dad—- About my dad— My Dad is a pilot who works for Cathay Pacific Airways He comes and visit us but at least its a few days and at […]

Reading Log

Hi Guys,  Nellie-Meet Nellie The ache the sorrow the pain, As the house set up in flames I watched my precious photo’s burn, My mam my boss my friend, She was nice so I knew I would be happy too the end But when she had to go away, But she said I couldn’t stay, What […]


Hi guys, For English this week we have been working on doing different mindfulness session’s and passing different levels. We completed an exercise where we had to complete a challenge and then go to the next level by using your breath and hearing different noises around you close, and far. I found this a little bit tricky at first, because […]

Inquiry Week 6B

Ted Talks For my TED inspired talk I’m sure all of you know what it is about- GUINEA PIGS The reason why I choose Guinea Pigs is because, well lets just say about three years ago I didn’t even know that they existed because I lived in HK and the only pets you see in cages […]

English Week 6B

Hi Guys, Today for English during master class and also free time after sport, I worked on publishing a cool story called “I can runaway“ My design was trees that I created with Brown paper Orange popsicle sticks- for looks and to help my trees stand up. Green leaves with paper- for trees sequins for the […]

iProject Week 6A

iProject I have finished my first iProject and I am watching my plants grow and I am watering all of them. My dad has also made an area for my plants and I am going to replant them in there, and I will then do a blog post on planting my plants! So for the meantime while […]

Reading Log Week 6B

About the authors- Author Nova Weetman, Author for, Play The Game and A Hot Cold Summer.   Interesting Facts Nova Weetman, Also writes books, Newspaper articles and TV show’s! She didn’t just write Play The Game and A Hot Cold Summer she also wrote a few others. One is called The Haunting Of Lilly Frost. And […]


Ted For ted today we watched a video about a ted talk and answered questions on answer sheets here are my answer sheets. For this post I  will just add my word documents for TED inspired talk’s I would like if  you could comment on feedback too thank!:) Jack Andraka pancreatic cancer TED TALK JADE […]

Math’s Week 5A

Mathematics This week 6A have been learning about problem solving. We completed a game called Knights tour where we had to find out ways to get around the board and make it up to 64, I found this a little bit tricky at first, but once I understood the game I found some strategies to use. Because at […]

Reading Log Week 5A

My Words For this task I have to write words that are in the book I have read and explain what they mean, Here are my words! Excruciating, Painful, my book said “The pain was so excruciating I wanted to run away faster then ever before” So I pick up the word means that she, Cat, […]