I am also decorating the outside of my pot plants that have my food in it and putting it around it to make a cute little vegie gardens!


For my iProject I am planting plats Celery…Baby Spinach…Rainbow Silverbeet…Normal SilverBeet…Lettuce Varieties Celery! I am plating it for the guinea pigs now they are in pots and I am going to make it artistic and keep you updated on how it is growing!

Hazels blog post of the week

Hi hazel here, Today jade is growing plants and I really saw that she said don’t eat them and well ummm sorry JADE BUT I DID!!!!!!!!! I didn’t mean to do it! It just happened I ATE THE GROWNING CELERY! DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. OH NO! SO BAD! I’m so in trouble arrrggghhh! I didn’t […]


It’s a really good book! I enjoyed it. You should read it. Its about a girl who has two choices go to England with her mum or go to a beach holiday with her dad. She gets caught up in different adventures, and also this book is a choose your own adventure and so far […]


In math’s we are making shape animation films so far we have created an amazing set with awesome characters during lunch GG and I decided to make a awesomely amazing set. The set had 3D pop out trees and its raining our story board is a log(The Hexagonal prism rolling in EXPLODING and bursting into its […]

Reflective inquiry

In inquiry the whole of year six made mystery films and we had to get in groups of four boy and girl, and we made a fantastic start and got in groups of four all GIRLS! YAY! Then we started going on about what we should make the movie about we all decided on chickens […]

Reading Log

I have been reading a book called Wild Thing. Its a choose your own adventure, I am reading these books for inspiration for the choose your own adventurer that GG and I are writing. I just started it and I already recommend it! I also found out that each book is written bye a different […]

Writers workshop

This week GG and I have been working on a choose your own adventure. I started the first three pages and invited GG to join me. This project is going to go on for the whole year and we are hoping to make a mini book out of it. I called it splash of paint. […]