What have I been learning about in Inquiry?    In inquiry 6A were learning about audio with Mr. Henderson. My group and I made a funny silly and awesome video each. We learnt how to use Corel a movie producing app. I found Corel awesome because it has effects for your movie, cool text styles, and good […]

Reading log

I have been reading a superb amazing book called  play the game. The book is about a girl that has two challenges. For e.g out of netball state team or a drama performance playing the lead part. I ended up trying both ways. I liked the netball way better, because more things happened! When in […]

Hazels Blog Post Of The Week

Hi Guys Hazel here, I just wanted to tell you that my blog posts will come every Thursday if you keep up the great commenting. Thx Hazel The guinea pig Now back to the story So sandy was on the tramp when Jade (My Owner) Came home Squeak!!!!!! I Squeal Get of the tramp sandy. […]

Hazel’s Blog Post Of The Week.

Hi Hazel here! I have been eating like mad today it was something orange I think its called carrot? When my owner left for school I started opening the cage door and roaming around the garden like mad eating ALL of the parsley! (Yum!!) I’m never allowed to jump on the trampoline! So I think you […]

Learning goals Week 5

Last week I have gone very well with my learning goals. I included  description. I have completed embrace opportunity’s because of my swimming, I was scared and worried at the start but when I started having some fun I found it enjoyable and my tummy butterfly’s flew far far far away. I have taken risks […]

Meet Hazel!!

I have a adorable pet guinea pig named Hazel. Hazel is a mischievous little guinea pig, She is Brown and Orange and Gingery, she loves a good cuddle from anyone. She is brave and known to be a leader. She has a friend called Sandy which is my sisters guinea pig. Sandy is Grey and […]

Reading Week 3

My book character is named Parker. She is a 16 year old girl who is blind, she has to get through her life just like us but with the lights switched out. I like how she can run really well with her eyes closed, by remembering the footsteps she takes and left and right turns. She […]

Reading week 2

I love reading so much! I like to read every night if I have a book because I get through them tremendously quickly. I usually like to read scary books or diary books or non-fiction ones. One of my favorite authors is Wendy Mass she is amazing and wrote my favorite book called A Mango Shaped Space […]