Reading Week 4

Hi People, I have been reading a book called Not if I see you first,  I did manage to finish the book so here is the background of the story that might get you interested???The book is about a 16 year old girl named Parker who is blind and has to go through everything that we do now […]

Weekly Reflection/Agreements

This week I will be reflecting on how I believe I am travelling with the Year 6 Agreements.  Things I have done well been respecting others and myself and also others property when they allow me to borrow there property, I have been creative so that I can be creative during math’s and drama and […]


Today the whole class went up to Enviro to do mindfulness in our seed books. I walked up to the guinea pigs and took out one called ginger and started drawing her. Ginger is a golden orange guinea pig who is very small, look at your hand the guinea pig is smaller than your hand […]


Put your name in and you get a chance in the raffle you can only put your name in if you win this riddle. A man was cleaning the windows of a 25 story building. He slipped and fell off the ladder, but wasn’t hurt. How did he do it?

Writing Self Assessment

Things I Have Learnt About Writing. That you can wright whatever you like even if its true or false. Short and sharp can be used to make a paragraph really good. I have learnt how to do different text styles. I have learnt how to make detailed scary stories. What am I good at? I […]


In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink! What color were the stairs?-Done Astrid  What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? What has hands but […]

Shout out of the week

                                    Sam!   And                                    Henry! Check out there blogs!


Riddle of the week answer and get a shout out! What is the word that is spelled incorrectly in all dictionaries?


I have been reading a book called not if I see you first. It amazing about a blind girl who is really smart and goes through some tough times.