The Big Thing

On the big thing today every thing was working perfectly but the machine before us had to go out so we were stuck of what to do but then we added a tube for the marble to roll down slow to fast. It was a stressfully and fun lesson al together

The Big Thing

Today on the big thing we got our marble conveyer belt working one hundred percent of the time. I was thrilled to see it work and not break any more. We had to lift our machines up higher in order to help another machine so it was a challenge. The machine before us (which is […]

The Big Thing

Today On the big thing we had to fix up our component. When Mr Mickie started the video we noticed something was wrong so Samantha and I tried our hardest to fix it. When the marble was coming to us we hoped that it would work. But Ruby’s ended up being to fast so we had […]


Today I got to program the Ollie to do stunts and tricks so far the program goes for about a minute and it is really cool I really want to do this again. Today I learnt by myself how to program a Ollie the programming is just like scratch!  

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

Today I finished my pink fluffy unicorn video and am so exited to make a new one.

The Big Thing and Programming

Programming Today in programming I continued making my pink fluffy unicorn scratch I made a new scene/animation for the pink fluffy unicorn I made the scene’s background change rainbow per 0.3 seconds. And made 7 new sprites that changed rainbow in circles. Now I have nearly completed the video. Next I am going to make a […]

Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Scratch

Today during scratch I continued on my Pink fluffy unicorns animation. What happens is there are four animated rainbows across the screen, then a pink fluff unicorn appears on one rainbow and then another on the others so on. . . The unicorns appear one bye one. The background has music witch is pink fluffy […]


Today in Robotics you could choose from programming or The Big Thing. I chose programming I started a really cool game you choose a guinea pig and then you click it and go to the guinea pig home you have two guinea pigs to choose from( I drew both guinea pigs) Once you have clicked […]

    Today we made sure our big thing contraption was working and once it was finished we made sure it connected to each other element I made it connect to both Alice’s and Phoebes. here is ours workingWIN_20151109_122132

The Big Thing/Programming

The Big Thing. Today on The Big Thing Samantha and I had to problem solve. Our machine wasn’t working because the marble kept on falling of the conveyer belt. I thought that that was it because the gravity was making the marble keep falling of the conveyer belt so instead of making it go straight […]