The Big Thing

Today on the big. I made huge changes on how to make it work. At the start I was going to Make a conveyer belt going horizontally up. but instead I made it go straight up and now it is working yay!!!

VCE Technology Expo

Yesterday The whole year five visited the VCE Technology Expo, I loved the movies they made !One which caught my eyes was called ‘The Tragedy Of The Apple Piece. I would love to create a movie or something to do with art, like a table or something I am so exited till I get to do […]

Programming Challenge

Today in programming I made a scratch animation. I made it so a fish was out of water and then goes to heaven and turns into a cow. And starts having fun. It has oh I swear to you music in the background. While it moves around the place. I am going to try very hard […]

The Big Thing

Today in The Big Thing I was working on a moving conveyer belt I figured out I needed a simple motor to power the conveyer. I did pretty good Because I made it move but it won’t do it all the time so I have to make sure it works all the time.  

The Big Thing

Yesterday, Samantha and I made a neat draft of what our machine will look like and what it is made Out of. We made a Lego Ocean. The marble goes down a staircase then splashes it way through the water then the conveyer belt will lift it up and move it on to a different machine.


This term I will be using scratch for my programming project. I am going to make a animation on scratch. It will include funny dogs and make it humorous. If it is successful it will sink perfectly to the music. To do this, I will need to find out how to draw really cool things […]

Marble Contraption

22/10/2015 Started 1:10pm During this lesson today we created our marble roller machine. Our contraption was to put a marble down the stairs then rolling along a open tunnel up a conveyer belt lifting it up onto someone else’s contraption. Our theme was a beach. And this is what we have done so far. . .  

The Honest Truth

  The question she asks in the darkness is “why?” .What do you think jess is talking about here?                                                    I think that because they have been friends for so long and they know what each other are thinking or maybe Jesse has cancer to? .What evidence could you use from the story that backs up […]

Year 8 Cre8

Today the whole year five went to the year 8 class rooms for the year 8 cre8, I fell in love with the cutest cactus in the world, this inspired me to make clay designs in the future when I am in year 8 cre8.