I have created a micro world quiz about notes spaces and lines, the subject I chose for my quiz is music. Here is my quiz, I have made my quiz with questions just like this one but in different spaces\lines. For e.g what is the note on the second line?

Maker Day

Today I had so much fun during Maker Day. I started of by making solar boats. Emily, Tilly and I’s boat was so cool it went straight for a little while then it turned back and headed straight to us so cool. We started creating it and made sure each time that it could stay […]


In robotics Rory, grace and I, have constructed our new robot and raced it too. Our time is 25.075 we are fourth place and are aiming to be up at the top, we will try our hardest till we make it. Our group will beat 19.619, I can feel it in my bones. We will keep up-dating […]


Today during scratch I learnt how to draw some better things, I drew some chickens to go along with my game. My game is  where you can buy chickens and collect eggs and hatch little chicks. Here is my game I started—— Next I will start adding the commands, so that the eggs will appear […]