Book Week

For book week I dressed up as a vampire with Emmaline, I am so exited for a fun day. Book week is when you raise money for the aboriginal people, so that they can have some more books so that they can learn to read and open some more doors in their life, and give them […]

Scratch Year Two

When we walked into the classroom, I looked for my little sister, I could not find her so I decided to join up with Amy. I decided to go with Emmaline and share our work with Amy. I made a little animated seen just for Amy with her name in rainbow and a dancing penguin. 


During the recent scratch lessons I decided to make a video. It landed on a guinea pig singing and acting the song, I’m wide awake. So far I have made it up to the chorus. I had to go back and forward to make sure that it did and said things at the exact same […]


 The book I am now reading is storm- breaker. I suggest this book highly it is amazing!! I also suggest to watch the movie it is so cool! The series is called Alex Rider I read two books enjoy!


During our scratch lessons, I have been working on a new game called NEVER. . . . To play the game you have to get through many obstacles and complete many levels to save your best friend. The only way to get to the next level is by collecting the key. Don’t get touched by the fire […]


Scratch is a software that you are able to create and design your own game. Today I was working on how to animate my characters. I started of bye getting a character from the character library. To make it work you need two of the same characters in different positions. I chose to use a […]

Maze game

  Maze Game   My game I created is called the maze game, to make it you would have to make a maze using any colour but if you are less experienced I would highly advise that you stick with the colour red. Start of bye making a maze with the straight line tool, draw […]


  YOu   Today I have made a full scratch game with levels, if you touch the red you go back to the start and have to redo, level 1Level 2Level 3 Level 4Level 5 Do you see the yellow and blue dots? Your character is meant to touch the dots to get to the next […]