Reading Books

Hello, Some of the books that I have been reading include my SRP book and my choice books. Here are some of the books that I have finished and or started to read. Geek Girl (Book 1)                    *Pictures not working* Geek Girl (Book 2) SRP book (Playing Beatie Bo) Life In a Fishbowl (Finished) The Selection […]

Home Learning|Week 8|Term 4

Hey guys, This blog post is the last one I will be doing for the year! Math’s In math’s this week we have started  a new project for our last two weeks called ‘Our life in number’ This is about writing you life in numbers. Say for and Example My age is 12 so to […]


Hey guys, I am now on the next step of my iProject and that is editing. I have already started to do my video and I am nearly done it. But I do my creations first then I update it on my video so that I perfectly up to date. I am enjoying using different effects like effects that […]

Home Learning|Week 7|Term 4

Hey guys, Inquiry In Inquiry this week we (The year six’s) are on the breach of completed their personal projects whilst some are still busy doing their shot list still! Emmaline (My partner) and we have almost finished videoing for our film and only need a couple more shots to do. Yesterday was hard as most […]

Home Learning|Week 6B|Term 4

Hey guys, Math’s Hey guys this post for math’s I am going to talk about Math Groups. Math groups is when you choose a math’s related guru session to attend so that you can learn more on what you need help on. Like there might be a guru session for division, subtraction, adding and multiplication […]

Reading Rants

Hey guys, this is my first reading rant and I only have one book because it took a long while to read anyway on with the story! 17/10/2016 The Siren (Kiera Cass) At the very start of the story Kahlen who is 19 years old is traveling on a ship in the year 1900’s until they heard […]

Home Learning|Week 5|Term 4

Hey guys, In my posts now I will putting WW, Inquiry, English, Math’s. On the same post like what I am doing this time! Lets get into it! Problem Solving In problem solving this week and last week year six has been getting some really easy problems and I was wondering when it would get […]

#Planning and #Production

Hey guys, So far I am on the #production stage for my iProject, but I will now tell you about the #Planning stage and what I have done to make it to #Production. After I had finished my shortlist on what I want to create it came down to one thing, the clay. I carefully choose the colours out […]

Zoo Project Reflection!!

Hey guys, Since the start of Term four (Week two) We have been making a film based on the Melbourne Zoo’s ‘SOS 10’ (Save our Species Ten) project. This project is based on making a promotional film for one of the SOS ten animals and these animals are, Helmeted Honeyeater Asian Elephant Tasmanian Devil Australian Fur seal […]