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So fare on Campbell and my digi amaze us I have done 3 different copy’s of our film.         Campbell and I have got all of our footage now we have to make a great film with it.

The hardest part about this project was not filming but putting all our footage on my computer and making it on to a film

I have finished our film but I have to show Campbell so we can agree on it and fix it if Campbell what’s to.




st Kitts and Nevis


The Caribbean culture is a lot different to the cultures in Australia.

In the Caribbean the big part of there culture is clothing, dancing and playing sport

like cricket.

The dress warn as culture in the Caribbean by women is called the Qadrillere dress.

The dress is  warn for photos, cat walks and celebrations.

one of the biggest celebrations in st Kitts is the st kitts and Nevis music festival.

witch is wear every on gets together a dances and have fun.

But one thing I have noticed is so fare from my research I have found no national days like Australia day in Caribbean country’s.


reading blog (how am I)

egjbjkfxnzxjcsbncbxdThe book I have chose this week is called silverfin.

I think it is a good book and I recommend it to people who like action packed books.

8 clues of character:

I am a boy.

I am the main character in the book and movie

I am 14 years old in the book and nearly got killed by a giant.

I am seen on the front cover of the book.

1 am the young version of someone famous in movies.

it is a book based on a action movie.

my dad died in the same incident that nearly killed me.

my first name started with j and my last name starts with b.





Digi amaze us#2


Campbell and I have just started filming for our video that will be based on cool moments and tricks. The app we have decided to use is adobe premier. Campbell and I have figured out that premier you can do more things on and it loads and works better.

Our aim is to get to at least half of our film done in the 2 or 3 coming weeks. So fare I think that we will but it will still be hard to figure out different shots and things to try.

The intro is finished and little shots to add in.

building views


This term we have just started a new thing in math’s called building views.

So the first sheet we got given was a 4 by grid and we had to figure out what the building looked like from a front view and a side view. there were 5 building we had to figure out with blocks and the 4by 4 grid of paper.

The second sheet was were we had to see the front view and side view and then write the birds eye view of the buildings. And we also had to write how many blocks we could put in it without doing anything. And also try and take as many blocks out as we could.

I found the second sheet harder then the first won because it was more challenging and the a lot different to the first won.

digi amaze us

my digi amaze us is going to be a film on adobe premier and it is about great soccer goals and tricks. im doing it with Campbell and we what to try and learn how to use the drown.

so fare we have tried adobe premier and seen how it worked and it seems not to hard. the hard part is going to be learning how to use the drown if we do use it. Campbell and I are going to start filming soon as possible.

digi amaze us teaser post

Lately Gus, Max, Angus and I have gone back down to the oval and finished of some more filming. On Thursday we finished 3 more of the goals.

Instead of doing 10 goals we have decided to cut it down to because we all agreed that if we did 10 we would have it not finished by the due date. This is one of the photos I sniped from the pappi cissie volley that Gus is doing and that is max in the goals keeping.



#digi amaze au

This term we have been working on A new project that is A famous soccer goals reenactment video. And I am doing it with Gus, Max and angus is helping us out. The digital app/program we are  doing is Corel. so basically we will show the goal we will reenact and then show our version of it.

The top ten goals:

Maradona header punch

van persie flying header

pappi cissa wonder goal

Roberto Carlos curving free kick

zlatan ibrahimavic bicycle kick

Jaime vardy volley long shot

mark noble scissor kick

zidian zidan penalty kick

coberns corner kick goal

Paul pogbo long shot


Image result for corel\

reading blog

This week we are doing poetry and the setting I have chosen is the soccer pitch in the book change the game and the style is haiku. so the book is the soccer book of the series change the game. and it is a good book and I strongly recommend it. and its about a grand final soccer match at the soccer pitch that my poem is about on a Sunday morning. the main character is Tom and he is also captain.

My favorite part is when they kick a winning goal in the last minute of the match.


haiku poem about soccer pitch:

As the due covers  

the lawn in the early morning sun rise;

ready for soccer

reading blog{week 5}

Image result for tom gates booksThis is a new book I am reading. the author is Liz pichon.ddddddddd


  1. she has illustrated many of other authors books. These titles include: Twilight Rhymes Moonlight Verse, Spinderella and The Three Billy Goats Fluff.

2.  before fame She was a graphic design student at Camberwell School of Art in London and then worked as an art director for the music label Jive Records.

3. she is 37 years old born in England and birthday is October the 10th 1978.

4. Liz Pichon studied graphic design and has worked as an art director in the music industry.

5. Liz is the author of the best selling TOM GATES series for 9+ readers, which has sold 1,000,000 books in the UK alone and been translated into 36 languages.

6. Liz is married with three children and lives in Brighton.

7. Her freelance design work has appeared on a range of products and she has written and illustrated a number of picture books, including My Big Brother Boris.

8. The first book in the series the brilliant world of tom gates won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, The Red House Book Award Best Book for Young Readers and the Waterstone¹s Best Fiction for 5-12 year olds Prize.

2 other books she has wrote:

the very ugly bug.Image result for liz pichon books





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