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A mixture of sport and tricks in one. A mixture of blocks and creations in one. Finally its hear, Digi amaze us term 4 full of tricks and creations. One made into a action packed film full of eye catching tricks, and one set in a little village called “Guida town” full of amazing land marks and quirky looking houses.


Digi update


Gus and I have not done any filming lately because Gus had a basketball ball tournament on Saturday and on Sunday I had things to do so sadly we could do no filming but we are still good and up to date with everything. So fare most of the filming has just been bottle flipping because Gus has still not borrowed the blitz balls that we need from his friend


1200x630bfMy blocks craft project is going very well I  have just added ampere theater and I have added a lot more cool things. My favorite craft I have built is the pyramid because it was the hardest to make and it took 3 days to build. The town I am making is called Guidatown and is still not very big but will be finished soon as possible.

SOS Film

250px-crocodylus_mindorensis_by_gregg_yan_01The film that we had to create this term was about choosing a animal from the Melbourne zoos SOS 10 endangered animals. There was a verity of 10 animals and we had to chose 1 of the animals to make a conciliation film about. The animal that I chose was the Philippian crocodile.

Why I chose this animal?

The reason I picked this animal was because most people were doing the orangutan, fur seal and gorilla so I decided to try something different and do a animal I was not familiar with. I  have learnt a lot about this animal and happy I took the challenge to make a film about a animal I didn’t know much about.


on a Monday our year went on a trip to the Melbourne zoo to get some footage and learn more about our animal. This was part of the reason I chose the crocodile. it was not to helpful because our group lost our cameras.

Editing stages:

Most of the editing I changed and fixed was from the feedback I got at the first draft sharing stage. The most challenging thing I went through was finding out how to use the greens screen. Some feedback told me to add music and some other feedback told me to not add music so I stuck with no music witch I think was the better option.

The problems:

The main problem for me was how on the excursion our group lost the bag of cameras with our very important footage. That meant that I had to redo our voice overs at school and use different footage that was not as good as ours (no offence). but beside that we had no other big problems like that.

My feedback I got:

You spoke well in your voice overs – Sam

I liked the voice overs and the footage that you used – HARRO

You have really good footage and the passion in your voice is great. You made me care about the animal-Emma

good voice over clear message great footage and facts – Jesse

love the green screen and music.-Alex

it made me care😭😭😭😭😭😭– Olly

goofy facts, it made me sad to know that this animal is endangered

Your voice overs were really clear and your film was nice without music I liked the footage you used. – Nick

You had some really good facts and your voice over was really powerful – Jack

It was very good film. Just what happened to the green screen.-Jacob

I really liked the film how it was short, but really descriptive and would make anybody who watches your film really care about that animal. I also really liked how yoy added the ACT WILD thing and told your audience that they can help by doing that – Astrid

Tom- I liked the footage and the message is strong.

very good voice overs. spencer

I love everything about it and it was great-jack


My finished film:


digi research

images7fzyih4rSo fare Gus  and I have just started filming our trick shot film.

Majority of our film so fare has been bottle flips (That’s why I chose that photo) and we will also

be doing blitzball, basketball, soccer, NFL and Frisbee. The hardest one to do is the Frisbee and

the best is differently bottle flipping.

For this project instead of using A school camera I have decided that it would be easier to just use

my Samsung iPad for filming. Most of our filming will be done in st joseph and some at my house. 1200x630bf I have made good progress so fare with block create 3D. basically what I am doing is making a town with heaps of cool landmarks and I will be having a village with people and animals in it.

The landmarks I have done so far is a pyramid, Hollywood sign (with a twist:) and I am hoping to make a leaning tower of Pisa, big ben, and a iffel tower.

digi :)

1200x630bfThis term I have decided that 1 am going to do 2 projects. 1 with Gus that is trick shots and the other with a app called block create 3D.

Its very similar to mincraft but I find it better and a lot more easy to use. The reason that I decided to do 2 projects is because the last 2 terms where I just did a video I found that I had a lot of spare time after it. I hope it goes well!

Digi final post

soccerThis week we Have been showing our digi projects.

The sharing periods are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Campbell and I sheared ours first on Tuesday. Instead of just sharing the 1 video we shared 2 1 of my videos and 1 of Campbell’s.

If I could do any thing different I would work harder on putting affects into my film and think more with the original plan.

I think that our end product was really good and it challenged Campbell and I.

Did we amaze you?


Advertising Film

This term we have started a promo film off Geelong by kids for kids. this is a list of what our proses was.

Brief – Geelong by kids; For kids.

  • Research / analysis of existing film on client’s site
  • Locations
  • Partners – Planning Shortlist (film crew)
  • Production – filming on location
  • Sharing of footage / Culling and Converting footage
  • Editing
  • Feedback
  • Implemented feedback

For this project we were put in groups of 6 2 from each class in our group I had Matthew, Owen, Isaac, baily and Alice.

All the classes went on a excursion to a different place 6c went to eastern beach, 6b went to leisure link and barwon river and 6a went to supatramp and torquey.

Matthew and I have worked together on putting together footage for our film.

for me the biggest challenge was getting the footage from our other crew members because some times they did not know were the usb was or just couldn’t be bothered.


RVE country#2 Croatia

imagesJBFBU79O The country I have chose for this week is Croatia.


The main religion in Croatia is Christianity.

The main religion in Australia is Christianity.

Soccer is the most played sport in Croatia.

Soccer is the most played sport in Australia.

similar food is eaten in Croatia and Australia.



Public holidays in Croatia:

January 1 New Year’s Day
January 6 Epiphany
Easter and the day after Easter and Easter Monday
May 1 International Workers’ Day
60 days post Easter Corpus Christi
June 22 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
June 25 Statehood Day
August 5 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian defenders
August 15 Assumption of Mary
October 8 Independence Day
November 1 All Saints’ Day
December 25 Christmas
December 26 St. Stephen’s Day

Capital city’s:

Australia’s capital is Melbourne.

Croatia’s capital is Zagreb.



digi teaser post

soccerSo far our digi amaze us is going really well. Campbell and I have finished 5 versions of our finished film. so if we don’t get our final 6th draft we will still have something to show.

We have finished gathering all our footage and making a great film with what we have got to use.

Things we did well:

getting great footage.

Trying different things to filming.

working well together.

getting a lot of footage.


Things we can improve on:

agreeing on things.

planning what we would do.

getting more longer good footage than short scrappy footage.

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