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images7fzyih4rSo fare Gus  and I have just started filming our trick shot film.

Majority of our film so fare has been bottle flips (That’s why I chose that photo) and we will also

be doing blitzball, basketball, soccer, NFL and Frisbee. The hardest one to do is the Frisbee and

the best is differently bottle flipping.

For this project instead of using A school camera I have decided that it would be easier to just use

my Samsung iPad for filming. Most of our filming will be done in st joseph and some at my house. 1200x630bf I have made good progress so fare with block create 3D. basically what I am doing is making a town with heaps of cool landmarks and I will be having a village with people and animals in it.

The landmarks I have done so far is a pyramid, Hollywood sign (with a twist:) and I am hoping to make a leaning tower of Pisa, big ben, and a iffel tower.

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