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1200x630bfThis term I have decided that 1 am going to do 2 projects. 1 with Gus that is trick shots and the other with a app called block create 3D.

Its very similar to mincraft but I find it better and a lot more easy to use. The reason that I decided to do 2 projects is because the last 2 terms where I just did a video I found that I had a lot of spare time after it. I hope it goes well!

3 Thoughts.

  1. I think it’s great that you are challenging yourself to do two projects. I’m really interested to see Block Create as I’ve never heard about it before. Will you be creating something specific? Or will you be making a ‘how-to’ film about it?

  2. I think it will bbe really cool I love the idea of trick shots. first. how long are you thinking of having it and maybe u could do some water bottle flips aswell. and love the block create 3D idea. cant wait to see them both.

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