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Yes I have completed my passion project and I am going to tell you how I think it went. My project did not turn out the way I wanted it to it was bumpy because I had the GoPro on my head and i was planning to do voice overs but I didn’t have enough time. I think i have explained the tips well. I think I could improve on using my time wisely and setting certain dates for recording. I learnt that time goes fast if you haven’t organised when you are going to record. I am going to plan everything next time and try to find free dates to record.

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Feedback time

Hi everyone

As you might know we are getting feedback on our passion projects. My project is about mountain biking. So far I have got 3 people to give me feedback this is what they said.

Bailey: I think you should make it a bit easier to follow because I got lost at some parts but I think you did a good job.

Sergej: I like the topic you chose and I like how you had your GoPro on your head to see your prospective.

Mum: I really liked the idea on mountain biking and to help others get around things easier. I also loved how you had explanations on how it looks.

This is the feedback I got so far I have added one of them because there is only one constructive feedback. But it has helped my project and I think it turned out OK.

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Hi everyone

So I am a bit late on this because I have been having technical difficulty with my drone. But I have done my filming and I have editing my film I have some close ups some drone shots and some wide shots. I used these to give it a cool effect. I used Corel because its easy for me to use. I have not tried anything new. I learnt that drone footage has to be converted and that Its hard to record when there are a lot of people there because if you had to ride the park backwards like I had. Thanks for reading!

Zoo Film Feedback

Hi everyone 3

In year 6 all of the year 6’s are making a film on a endangered animal. We had from the SOS10. The SOS10 is 10 endangered animals. I chose the gorilla because I really like gorillas and how they are just like us. My first draft was not that good so I added the feedback and now I think my film is much better here is what people think of my film.

I liked the music and the footage in the film that you took. I also liked the fact that you used Harambe in your film. Harry Sadler

the music is good and i like the footage-Noah:)

I really liked your facts, they were very interesting. The music was cool too. -Emily
Tom-The footage is really good and the message is strong.

I liked your edited skills with the reverse – Sam

Your footage is really great. I love how you start off with just music. Your voice overs are really clear. I like the music. I liked the footage of the gorilla (I don’t know the name!). It was so sad. You really made me connect- Emmy

I really enjoy how you had long pauses inbetween voice overs and i enjoy how you added recent avents like Harambe. There was three minutes of black screen at the end.

Your footage was really good. Your voice was really clear. I like how you used the rewind effect – GusH

Your voice overs are nice and I liked the music also the footage was great. – Nick

Great footage. Your voice-overs are good. I like the music. Good job – Steven

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The Challanges

Hi everyone

As you might know i am doing my passion project on mounting biking. WhImage result for mountain bike trackat exactly well tips and tricks. Some successes I have had is finding a good angle getting the jump first try. I am still trying to record but so far I have done good. Some challenges I have come across are Losing my footage (Done that once) And losing battery in my drone and camera. I got a second battery for both my drone and camera. Thanks for reading!

Whats the plan

captureHi everyone

As you might know I am doing a passion project on tips and tricks for mountain biking. I have prepared my drone and my Go-pro. I have got some tripod setups and some Go-Pro straps. I am prepared and recording soon. I have included some crane shots and some long shots I also have some close ups some extreme close ups and a mid shot. Most of these I have added because they will suit my film.

My next step is going to be filming because its the only time I have because of the weather. Thanks for reading.

Whats going to happen?

Hi everyone Image result for mountain biking

Yay! We get to do our term four passion projects.

I have been planning for two weeks and I finally know what I am going to do. I am going to work with Harry Sadler and do Tips & Tricks for Mountain Biking.

I am excited to do this because I want people to get around sharp turns quickly and safely and do jumps much easily without falling off. The message will be “Be Adventurous”.

My project is perfect for people who like to get outside and try new things on skateboards, bikes, scooters and anything else.  And with the weather getting nicer and coming into summer, I would like to encourage people to get outside.

I am really looking forward to rehearsing, practicing and filming my passion project because I love to ride my bike.  I am keen to get back into it because lately it’s been raining….a lot! I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading.

Flight School!

Hi everyone

As you might know year 4 5 and 6 had choice day. We had to choose something we wanted to do I chose flight school first. Most people didn’t get their first choice but luckily I did. Flight school is flying drones I brought my drone and Harrison Brought his. I had so much fun the one bad thing was the wind.

The wind was really strong against the Phantom but the Phantom was stronger. When we where not flying the drones we were playing soccer so the drone could get some good footage. We where in groups of 2 so we could have 5 minutes each. It was so fun and I choice-day-activitiesreally want to do it again. Thanks for reading!



Activities ———————->

Promo Film

Hi everyone

As you might know we have been making promo films. Our goal was to make it by kids for kids. We wrote down some locations were we could film and every class got different locations. We went to Balyang sanctuary, Leisure link, Bike track and the playground.  My partner was Isaac from 6B Alice and Bailey from 6A And Noah and Matthew from 6C.

On the day we filmed first at Balyang Sanctuary and walked up to the bike park. We recorded A lot at the bike park I used my (Terrible) drone and got some ok shots the camera was really bad. we had a lot of fun anyway.

When we started editing we had usb’s with our group  number on them our group was 4. We had to have 30 second of every place in your film.

I got really good feedback first then I got bad feedback on my second.

I implied my feedback and it turned out really good.

The End Is Here!

Yay! I have completed my Passion Project.Image result for Complete

Hi Everyone

I am pretty excited that I have completed my Passion Project 🙂

It turned out pretty good overall but it was not as I planned. I think that I clearly explained how to solve a Rubik’s Cube but this took a lot of retakes, practice, editing, fine tuning and practice, practice, practice.

My one area I could have done more work on is to do a better job at explaining how to solve the bottom layer better a bit better but my camera went flat and I was on a deadline. You can still get an idea, but looking back it could have been better.

I have learned a bit more about using Corel and I am more confident using editing techniques. I have also learned (from trial and error) that half of the time you saw the back of the cube which I didn’t think about until after doing the video.  I could have fixed this if I had some better editing techniques with some better angles whilst filming in my Passion Project.

Overall, I think for my second Passion Project I am getting the hang of filming and editing so by the third project I should be a BOSS ; )

Thanks for reading.




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