week 7 colour sensor

This week we were assigned to put on a colour sensor ( which is so sensitive  that at an Lego robotics the blinds were closed and it saw black).  On our robot. It sensors colour and you can do cool things like make it stop when its sees green for example. So doing this was hard at the start. But then we were shown what we were supposed to do. but by then we finished the colour sensor challenge where if the robot sees a colour it will stop or coast. And  we were working on making it go around a square of coloured paper. I think this will be good to use if I decide to do the robotics challenges in Melbourne. I don’t think there much of a pattern in the colour sensor but there will probl be one later on in robots

week 6

we were asked to put on a touch sensor to our robots ( a touch sensor is a little machine the satays one the end of your robot the has a I think there were lots of patterns in this project it was very challenging to do the touch sensor but in the end we got and it very fun and hard i as behind a bit on this week but i got there

week five

We had to get a message on our screen that said hello world and it was pretty easy task. but then we had to make it move and after I finished that I made it say ready set go and then speed off.  then we put I photo on our robot called circitmuffen of a mouse. we were told we were supposed to have sound on the robot but we already had lots of music but imported sounds any way I think I could make nice funny sounds with this and make nice little songs that we have already done a bit of.

Design reflection

Brian, Jack and I started the design project by building the robot out of Lego we did struggle a bit to build it. It was hard to find all the pieces of Lego, it was also hard to turn on the EV3 because the battery spring was broken but Mr McKie fixed it. The first thing we discovered was motor control and then we learned how to program the robot so we made a program called the dance . I realised that we can use these skills when building our robots later this year and possibly in Lego robots challenges,  if we choose to take part in that.Me Brian and jack looking at programs

Hello world!

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