No More Passion Projects :(

I cant believe its the last passion project that I will ever do in year 6. Its also really close to the end of the year!!!! Tomorrow I’m sharing my passion project in a group. This year while doing passion project have taught me a lot about time management and to stay organized. I have loved doing passion projects and I think next year grade 6’s will love them a lot. I have completed my film and also all the stages though out the process.

My film turned out a little bit the way I wanted. I had a bit to high expectation ( I though that I could get the plants almost fully grown) But that didn’t happen.  I think next time I will make my voice overs more clear and have a different tone in my voice.

I think this time I have done well with my time management . By getting my blogs done when that need to be done and starting straight away with it and not waiting till the last minute.

I think I could improve on more editing effects like have split screen and things like that. I could also work on making sure that my voice overs don’t over lapse or cut off straight away.

Like I have said I learn to stay to my schedule and not wait to the last minute to do all my blogs. I have also learnt to ask for help when editing so that I can improve on making my film better.

School is about to finish them Christmas. Come to think of it there is only 8 days of school left. That is crazy. Here is my last passion project. I hope you like it!!



Things to work on

Hey Guys,

I’m back I’m  going to be sharing with you some of the feedback my peers have given me. I got feedback from some of my class mates and my mum. As you read the feedback you will notice that there is one topic that they mostly talked about.

Hi Evie,

Your voice overs sound really un-engaged but other than that you have a good topic that you’re passionate about. – Abbi

Awesome job Evie,

I think that your film has some really good footage. Maybe fix your voice overs if you can



Well done,

It is really good but I think your voice overs are kind of quiet but you sound very engaged so just fix up the volume. – Elsie

Well done,

Some of the photos are landscape I think you could make them portrait. The voice over sometimes over lapse. But other wise it is great. – Mum

In all of the feedback they have said that my voice over have over lapse or they are too quite. If I get any more time I will try and go back and fix the voice overs.


Time to edit

Woah, time has flown. I finished editing my passion project!!! I have loved doing my passion project it’s been so fun. Seeing everyone’s films and seeing what their passions were. I have also liked sharing mine and seeing what everyone thought, it’s been great!!! These are some of the highlights and the challenges that I’ve gone through while editing my passion project.

One of the things I had to do in the making of this film was crop some of the photos. Because they had my dog in it or other things. With cropping you didn’t want to crop too much of the photo because then you couldn’t see the plants.

One of the other things was making the photos longer because I had them for about 2-4 seconds long and you could hardly see the picture. Another problem with that was that I had around 10 photos and they would all go really quietly and then I would be just black with my editingvoice overs in the back ground.

I also had to pick the right music to set the right mood. It was hard but wasn’t as hard as last time!

My highlight during editing was seeing what I had made and finding music because I always do the music last and I like to put the music in and see the final product that I have made.

It’s sad to think that this will be my last time editing for a passion project. Well on the bright side I still have my personal project to do. That will be fun seeing everyone’s finished product. It was a blast editing this passion project. I’ll see you soon, when I’ll tell you some of the feedback that I got!!

Filming time

loolHey Guys,


It feels like forever that I have talked about my passion project with you!! I’m up to production stage. Production is just filming, it is 15% of making a film. It is the smallest stage so it doesn’t take as long.

When I was filming one of the challenges was the weather because you can’t film in the rain and it was raining quite a lot. That was the biggest challenge while filming. I didn’t really have any other challenges apart from time.

My favourite part of filming was seeing all the plants grow. I also love watering the plants, I don’t really know why it just makes me happy and in a good mood.

I think I could have worked on taking more photos of everything that I do, more photos are better because you can just delete them but you can’t go but in time and re – do. I think I could also work on putting more mulch in more often, you need mulch in your veggie patch to keep the weeds away and water the mulch in more so that it doesn’t fly away. At the moment I have just been watering it lightly, and I need to do it a lot more.

Zoo project

Zoo Film


At first we got a list of animals that we could chose from. I chose the Asian elephant because I didn’t know much about it and I wanted to learn more. Then I researched facts about the elephant to put in my film. It was hard to get just facts about the Asian elephant because it always came up with African elephant facts. Reseaching I think is the longest part because to write most of your script you need facts.  After I got all the facts I needed I start writing my script. The script was the most challgening part because you need to know what your mssage is and what you want you audience to take away from your film.

The excursion.

When we were at the zoo. It started to rain, it was only and little shower and it stopped after about five minutes. When we were getting photos of the elephant it was hard to get his face because he kept on going behine the wooden pole. So we then decided to do our P.T.C.(peace to camera.) When we were doing out P.T.C the lady started to do her speech, but luckily I had just finished my P.T.C. In my group we also had the people that were doing the crocodile. Which meant right after the lady had finished her speech we raced over to the speech about the crocodiles.


I had got all my footage from the zoo, now all I needed to do was put it on my computer and cull my photos. I had culled so much that I then needed to get heaps of the K-drive from other people. One of the challenges was that most of the photos were blurry because I had taken them on the run. Once I had put all my footage on to Corel I had to mute all of the videos and put them in the right place. After I had put my voice overs into Corel. I had to make the photos and words match.

Once we had done our first draft on the K-drive, we put our laptops on a table and get feedback from our peers. When we had got all of the footage from five of our peers we then went and editing our film with the feedback we were given.

After a week or so, we then got more feedback on our final draft and it was just positive feedback to let us know what we have done well.

This is the feedback people gave me.


It really makes you feel bad for the elephants and you put out a strong message-Ellie

Your facts are in order and your footage matches. I really like the music. I agree with Ellie, it really makes you care- Emmy

It has a good message and good music matches. – emily F

I like the music and footage in your film, the mix of photos and videos were well balanced. – Emmaline

I really like your footage and music they both suit the voice overs – Phoebe

I really like the music and your footage and imagry are very good. -Mikayla

nice music evie and your vocieovers are very good – n

Good facts, not very good audio quality, but, most importantly, made me care a lot.-Matthew

I really like the images and your script is good-clara

you have really good footage and the music really sets the mood-elsie

The music suits the film and the message. You talk quite calmly – Abbi3

i loved the music and the footage really suited the video-RUBY

You ahve really good footage and i like the music. You made me care about the animal.-Emma

Hope you enjoyed it!!










Planning time…

Hey guys,

So I have finished doing my shotlist and working out what shots I want in my film. I have also worked out what I’m going to say in my film. For the dialog I’m just doing voice overs and text at the start for the title. I also had to work out what angles  I wanted and what the photos they are going to be of. One of the other big steps was finding what music I wanted and which songs suited the mood. It was hard to choose between up beat music and instrumental music. I couldn’t work out which one I want. So I asked mum, she said instrumental. Then I ask dad and he said upbeat. That didn’t work!!! I soon decided to use instrumental music because I thought it would have a better mood. I haven’t decided what piece of music but when I enter production I will find a piece that suits. I also had to work out which plants I want to use and then where to put them in the patch. Example. The tomatoes have to go close to the wall because it grows tall and upwards. I still need to get all of my footage because I only have the first 20 seconds.



New start…..

At the end of last term we had just finished making my “vegie” patch. (which I was very excited about!!) Then I started thinking what I’m going to do for my passion project and I thought why don’t I do “my vegie patch” and show how to make a healthy patch, or show the plants growing. I started talking to my Dad about my passion project we were also wondering if there was something that we could build and I was also was thinking of baking a cake and decorating it really creatively. We then narrow it back down to the “vegie” patch. It was to hard to pick out of the two so we decided to put the two together and show myself planting the plants and then watching them grow and how to keep them healthy.

The thing that I would show:

  • Photo of the “vegie” patch with no plants in it.
  • Planting the vegetables.
  • Watering them.
  • Measuring how much they have grown.
  • If the vegetables are fully grown, picking them off.

If we hadn’t already poured the soil into the “vegie” patch I would have liked to show the soil going into the “vegie” patch. So maybe in the future if I do a project on this again I would film the soil going in and put that in my film. Another thing I had to think about was were I was going to plant them. E.G in rows or in columns etc.

I hope you are as excited as me to start the passion projects again for term 4!!!!!!  passion-project-schedule

Choice Day

choice-day-activitiesHey readers,

On Thursday we had our first ever choice day!!! My activity was Mosaic Madness. In my activity we got a tile and we had to use smaller tiles to make a pattern. The first thing was drawing our idea down on paper and then placing the tiles on the drawn sketch. Once we had done that we then moved the tiles over onto our larger tile. We then got glue and had to start gluing our tiles down. Everyone wasn’t putting enough glue on so it wasn’t sticking, once we had put more glue on it was sticking down well. I was quite annoyed that we didn’t get to grout our finished tile because I really wanted to see the finish product. I really liked the freedom of choosing which tiles / colours you wanted to use and being able to do what ever pattern you wanted to do.

Geelong For Kids by Kids


First Mrs. Safford read us the email and told us what our task was, our task was to create a film the will promote people to come Geelong. The motto was “by kids for kids”.  We then went on to our clients website and watched there films to get a good idea. As we were watching the films we analysis it. We watched three of their films and analysis them.

We then got into groups and started writing our ideas down onto paper. We wrote down a place that we wanted to go and then we did ideas that we could do in that locations. Once we finished writing down all our ideas and then handed them into our teachers. A week later all the teachers had read our ideas and they had chosen the most common location written down. They told us the locations that we were going to. Once they had got the locations they worked out which classes would go to which place. 6A went to Supa tramp and Torquay. 6B went to Balyang Sanctuary, Leisure Link and Barwon valley. 6C went to Eastern beach.

We then found out of partner and our film crew that we will be sharing our footage with. My partner was Emmy. Emmy and I worked out what angles and shots we wanted in our film . Once we worked out the shots we wrote them down in our shotlist. We also had to work out what place we wanted the shots to be. Once we finished our shotlist we talked to our film crew and worked out what shots we want at those places and then we had to write down there ideas in our shotlist.

When we were filming we had a lot more footage then we planned and we had to be careful that we didn’t get the public in our footage, we had to really focus on that at Balyang Sanctuary because there was another school there so we couldn’t get them in our film. I also noticed that when we got to our location we got a lot of different shots then we had plan.

When we got back from our location we had to download all our footage onto our laptop. When I was downloading it wouldn’t come up on my computer saying there is no footage. I then worked out that I have the wrong cord so I had to get another one and then it worked. Then it didn’t work for the gopro so Emmy had to put the SD card into my laptop.

When I got to the editing stage it was really hard to fit all my footage into only 90seconds, because I liked all of the footage that I have that I had kept but it was over 90seconds. I made a few of then into time-lapse and then it made it shorter so I could keep the footage I wanted. When I was watching the film I saw that when I had a photo in the middle it  slowed the film down and it didn’t work with the film so I took out a few of the photos.

Then all the year 6s put there film onto a table we then got feedback from people that went and watched your film. They first did a small sheet for our feedback. Once you had got 5 people to give you feedback we then had to go and action the feedback and edit our film to make it even better then it was with the feedback we got. Once we had action our first feedback after a couple of weeks we got feedback again and saw how much we had win_20160912_122552-3improve on the new sheet there was a place for people to write a comment.



My passion project complete

I think that my project turned out really well and how I intended it too. I sold all of the cupcakes and some people gave me an extra donation when they heard it was for the RSPCA. I made $104. I think I could of improved the presentation of the cupcakes. By decorating the tops and putting them into bags with ribbon. I learnt that if you are selling things for a good curse people are very generous. Next time I would defiantly make  more cupcakes and maybe some biscuits. I then would of been able to raise more money for a good curse.

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