Reading Rant

Hi readers,

Instead of doing our usual reading post, our teacher has changed it to a Reading Rant page, so once I have finished a book I will inform you on the book I will have finished. There will also be doing ratings and extra things like that.

Don’t look down

Written by-Paul Jennings// Illustrated by- Andrew Weldon



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Don’t look down…. is such a funny book. Ricky is an ordinary boy who has a big dream to be famous, one day Ricky finds a hidden talent when climbing…… HE CAN FLY. Ricky is so happy and overjoyed like anybody would be when you discover you can fly. He tries again and again, but he gets to a stage and then falls, soon he discovers that if anything a dog, cat, human… anything sees him flying he will fall. Of course there is a downer to Ricky’s amazingly hidden talent, but there is also an upper. So his massive crush Stephanie lives right next door to him, and when nobody is watching he can spy on her with her friends.

Don’t look down is a hilarious book and I recommend it for both boys and girls, from the age of 8-13. I would give it a very high rating because it is such a funny read an so very different to other books, if you do read it and manage to finish it, make sure you read No.2



Written by-Jacqueline Wilson// Illustrated by-Nick Sharrat


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Queenie, Queenie is an amazing book with billions of different emotions, [sad,happy,tired,stressed,angry,frustrated,sore and so on] I feel really sorry for Elsie [the main character] because her mum is always away doing dancing things for her work, and which means she is never really home [ bad mother]. On the other hand she has a really nice grandma, who always looks after her and gives her special treats like, cookies and tea, special things that all grandmas give to their grandchildren. But when grandma is sent straight to hospital with ‘T.B.’, Elsie is stuck with her mum. When Elsie and her mother runs into the head doctor in the street, he tells them that they will have to have a checkup just to make sure that ”Grandma” hasn’t given it to them as well. So off they go to the doctor completely sure that neither of them have T.B., until Elsie gets her test results back and she just happens to have it in her knee/leg. She is sent to hospital for ages with horrible nurses, and one day while she is talking to the nurse she was talking about her grandma and how she has ”T.B.” and the nurse says that her grandma couldn’t of been possible that her .grandma gave her T.B. because the chest and lungs both come from different things. Like grandmas is infectious, but little Elsie got hers from drinking bad milk, that weakens the bone. One day when all the kids are getting some fresh air outside in their hospital beds, Elsie drops her dear little Elephant teddy. Of course she leans down to get it, and her leg gets pulled out of the sling [thing] and Elsie falls down and happens to break her none bad leg. Finally Elsie is fully recovered ready to go home, when a nurse comes in and tell her some amazing news, her grandma is completely better and is out of hospital. Elsie and her grandma finally reunite and they are happy to be home together.

I would recommend this book more on the girls side, at about the age of 8-12, I wouldn’t particularly recommend this book to boys but they are totally free to read it.

I really enjoyed reading this book, even though it is quite long [around 500 pages] it is still a great read. Thanks for reading my reading rant today guys;]