Year 5 Allegro Concert

IMG_0142 Yesterday, all of year 5 performed in front of family and friends. We caught a bus over to Keith Humble Centre at Senior School. All of year 5 went off into different rooms to practice with our groups. My group was one of the more experienced groups because everyone in my group already played that instrument. Once we had got into our groups we played a game. The aim of the game was to find someone with the same rhythm as you. When we finished the game we went off to practice in our groups. When we had finished practicing everyone joined back into the auditorium. All the parents started coming in to watch there children. In the end it was a really good performance. ;]

Rube Goldberg Machine Success

Yesterday in design my group completed our Rube Goldberg machine. We have nearly finished the video we are doing to show all the things we have done. Evie and Ruby just need to do a video of what they learnt and then we need to get a close up of the lever and axel hitting all the lollies. Our machine is complete, stable and working perfectly, we have also done a power point that we need to finish too. Hopefully we can finish the power point and the video and then we will be totally finished.P1020203

Black Water

These are three of the main characters in Blackwater, Brodie, Pauline and Otis. Here are a few things about the characters  and what they are like.



Is a thirteen year old girl who enjoys bats and also watching them. Brodie and John think Hannah is weird and strange. In the story Brodie pulls Pauline Geniros leg because he is jealous that she is kissing Otis. Otis tries to keep Pauline on the rock but he falls into the Blackwater too. Brodie thinks that Hannah wrote a note to try and persuade him to come up and tell the truth. Hannah is a bit suspicious and she creeps around a bit.



Is also a thirteen year old who is threatened by notes he is receiving after manslaughter. At first he wants to be honest and tell the truth but his little cousin Alex is making it worse for him telling everyone he didn’t do it. Brodie asks Hannah if she was sending him the notes she said yes and then Brodie was convinced to tell the truth.



Is Brodie’s younger cousin who witnesses Brodie pulling Pauline’s legs. He is actually quite sly when he lies to the police telling them that Brodie tried to save them when he saw them fall in. Alex really wants him and Brodie to be friends but it is never going to happen.

Solving Problems

This week and last week, we were solving some maths problems. The first problem was using three digit numbers I had to use lots of strategies to come up with the right answer.


The second problem was called ice-cream we had three sized cups/cones and three flavours. Again we had to out an interesting strategy, first I used initials and then secondly we used a tree diagram.


The third problem was to do with clothing, the question was On a holiday you took 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of shorts, 4 tops and 2 hats. How many different outfits can you wear? I found out that the best strategy to use was the tree diagram, hopefuly I can use it again.














Creating Robots

IMG_0316Today in robotics we had to go in groups of two Ruby was my partner. We got an instructions book and copied the steps, Ruby and I found it hard at the start but when we had done the first steps it was easy.

When we had finished one side we had to copy that and then connect the other side and put in the charger to program our robot. Ruby and I were happy that we finished our robot in time to see it drive around the floor.

Design Electives

Today in design we went into groups for our electives. I chose robotics for my electives; we had to sort the tubs of Lego then we could look at cool Lego videos on youtube. In the next few weeks we can create animals and interesting things and then we have to program them with this big charger.

Pulley Reflection

On Friday the 17 of April we had design our challenge was to make a pulley that pulled a bucket of water from down stairs to upstairs. The objects were rope, a bucket of water, a single pulley and a double pulley. The people in my group were Jesse, Ben, Olly, Henry, Jackson, Emmy, Bridie, Harriette, Evie and I. The first time we pulled the bucket up on the pulley the handle of the bucket broke and water went everywhere when the bucket fell on the ground and broke in half.

The second time we used a pulley the bucket went up and dowIMG_0224n perfectly.


Winter Sport

My winter sport was volley-stars. We played eleven games and our team won about four or five of them.  The teams we played were Christian College Highton, Christian College Bellarine, Kardina, Montpellier, Grovedale Primary and the other Geelong College teams.


On Sunday I went to the football with my friend Lily Harris. We went to see Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne. North Melbourne won. At half time the camera man came to us and we were on the big screen.