Learning Post-Term 4 Week 8B

Hey readers,

Just the weekly learning Post;]

Maths- This week in Maths we continued on the garden project, I sorted out all the prices and I still have a good 3 thousand dollars left which is good. At the end of the class I was thinking about a pagola and even an egg chair, next maths session I will add up those prices and it will add up to about 8-9 thousand and I will be about right. I really enjoy this project because it is so fun especially with a budget, many boys have gone way over there budgets because they have spent it on really ridiculous like two soccer goals that cost five thousand dollars each and they expect their friends to still have money so they can get money from them. I am just trying to make my garden look really pretty and good so it will look really awesome as the final product. I have to get the correct measurements for the area of the garden I’m doing because it is apart of the criteria.

Inquiry-Today in inquiry Ellie and I finished our personal project and Emily and I also finished our iproject, Emily and I are having our feedback thing on Monday where all the class get in groups and they will watch our film and then give us constructive and positive feedback about our film. Once we have finished getting the feedback we will write a blog post about all the feedback that we got and also how much people loved and disliked our film. For Ellie and I’s personal project it is due on Friday morning but I think we have also already done that, we have a bit due this Friday but after that we don’t have anymore homework things just school related things that are quite easy and simple to do. It feels so great knowing that I have got it all done and I have a clear space in my head now, Ellie and I just need to Submit our personal projects in the submit folder which is being made tomorrow.

Writing-I got so many seeds done this week, in one of my seeds called ”Girl in the picture” I wrote so small and which meant that I got so much writing on the page. It was a really descriptive seed and it looked really good too. I also got a few other seeds done that were really descriptive and had many words which filled the page. This week I need to update the Writing log which is where you add in everything that you did that certain week, so last night I did five seeds so I put fives ticks under the seeds column and I also had a conference and I also published a piece so I put a tick under both of those columns too. The writing session today was probably like the 2 or 3 writing session because fortunately we only 11 days left [roughly] and then the year will be over.

Thanks readers, just saying this is my last learning post for this year because my teacher has been so nice and said we don’t have to do it next week because we have a few things due and we will be quite busy with our personal projects and our i projects. Thanks readers, and have a great end of year;]

Learning Post- Term 4 Week 4B

Hello readers,

This week I will be doing my weekly ”Learning Post”.

Writing- Today in writing, two groups had a conference. Unfortunately it wasn’t my group; so I just worked on a seed, but then I couldn’t think of an idea so I was very stuck for a while. I asked Mr W [Jr.] to help me think of an idea and he said I just needed to look back at my  other seeds and then I would get an idea. Sure enough I went past one of my pieces called ”Sun” an I decided to do a piece about Space, because the sun has a link to space. Now when I am stuck for ideas I will definitely know what to do, look through all my old pieces, then I will have an idea.

Inquiry- This week our first draft for our zoo film was due on Tuesday. I remembered to do mine so I was proud of myself and what I had actually achieved. In first period we got into a massive group and the teachers discussed our task. We had to get our film up and then with the piece of paper they handed us we had to write our name on it and then go around giving feedback on that persons paper, and tick certain boxes that the film included. I accidentally put the wrong film in, it was pretty much the same it just didn’t have the music, and it was funny because the only bad feedback I got was add music. When we got to go back and edit our films and improve with the feedback, I got my other film and then made it perfect. When it was perfect we were aloud to put it into the final draft for our teachers to go over on, on Friday. I rendered my final copy and put it into the K-Drive ready for my teacher to access.

Maths- Lately in maths we have been working on Algebra, at first I found it very, very difficult but I asked my dad to help me get better at it. But this week we did this harder thing in Algebra with two mystery numbers, which I have also found slightly confusing, but slowly managing to figure out. I want to completely know how to do it, so… I am going to do some more with my genius dad.

Thanks readers.

Learning Post Term 4 week 3A

Hey there,

Today I will just be doing my weekly learning post.Image result for angles

Maths- Yesterday in maths we got a test result back on one of our angles tests. I knew I wouldn’t have gone well with the measuring side of it because I had never used a protractor before. Then we were to go sign up in maths group in the thing we needed to improve the most, and mine was measuring [for a maths lesson at the end of the day] Finally the end of the day came, it was time for maths groups, Miss T explained it really well. Once I had done a few practices, I was pro.

Inquiry-Today in inquiry we continued on working on our zoo films. I was lucky enough to finish my whole voice over, the unfortunate thing is…………….. none of my photos or videos from the zoo were going into Corel. [The program/website that we edit videos on] I tried to make them into Mp-4 but it wasn’t working. I am going to work at school tomorrow and try and get them in Corel, but if I can’t I will be able to ask one of my peers or a teacher.

Writing- Today in writing it was my groups turn for our fortnightly conference. I had one piece of writing in the folder called sorry, so I was going to be conferencing that writing piece. First a few other people in the conference group read out loud their own writing pieces, then it was turn for mine.I read my piece aloud, [Sorry] it was a bit of a dark piece, it was about a older girl running over a younger girl in the middle of the street, at night. I got all my comments about everything that my peers liked, then it was time for the most important bit, the construction, i just needed to explain kind of who the girl was and go a bit deeper with what she was doing. So in the last 30mins of writing I completed that piece, ready for a conference in 2wks.

Thanks readers. ;]

Term 3 Week 9A- Learning Post


My last learning post for the term :[

Maths- Today we had a maths test, it was a post test. A post test is where you have a test [ pre-test ]  that majority of the class won’t know much about. Then you learn about the things in the test for a month or two, then once your teachers are sure that you have learnt enough they give you the test again [ post-test ] and see how much you have improved and how much you pay attention in class. I thought I went really well in the test, I am so happy that I checked over it at the end, because one of my answers was wrong.

Inquiry-This week in inquiry we rendered a draft for our promotion film, and we will be sharing it with a group of people to get some feedback because that way we can make the film even better than it is. Today I went around to a few people and asked them to watch my film and give me some feedback. I am quite pleased with the feedback I got and also how I responded to it, but tomorrow I am hoping for a bit more to make my film just that bit better.

Writing-In English today my conference group had a conference. Lukas was the only person who had a piece ready to share, he had a really funny piece about Nurofen and Strepsils. After we had our conference we all went onto silent writing, the other week I was starting a seed about the Eiffel tower. I managed to finish the picture just not any writing, so today I started and finished the seed. I thought it was very descriptive and I chose good words and sentence. When I finished that we still had 20 mins so I started another seed, it was about a girl who went missing and 1 year later she turned up in a picture in her family home. I have tonnes of ides in the piece and I really like the idea of the piece.

Thanks readers, [ last post ] hope to see you again soon.

Term 3 Week – RVE country post

Hey there,

So this week I finished my second country for our RVE project, my country is Jamaica. I am going to type down some questions about the country, down below.

What are the differences between Australia and Jamaica- Well in Australia when you met someone you tend to say nice to meet you ”John” or whatever the persons name is but in Jamaica they would say there last name like nice to meet you Mrs. Smith. The Jamaicans will call them by there last name until a very good friendship is formed.

What are the similarities Between Australia and Jamaica- There greeting is also very similar to ours, instead of doing a tribal dance or WIN_20160829_195607something like that they just give each other a firm handshake with a kind smile with very good eye contact. And that is how the average Australians greet each other too.

If you lived in Jamaica what would be the interesting parts and the challenging parts- The challenging is that the majority of there food is there crops like fish, spices, vegetables, animals. They are very nature friendly so they take only what they need. I also find that interesting to because on the flip side you would be having all these amazing cuisines and you know where it is all coming from, a lot of there meals are influenced from there ancestors and the indigenous people who lived on the land way before them.

So that is my country for RVE I hope you learnt something interesting or new.

Term 3 Week 6B- Learning Post


This week I will be doing one of the weekly blog posts ” The learning post” so here it is, this is what we did this week.

Inquiry- As you know we have a client from ” Geelong and Bellarine Tourism” and today just my class got to film because the place we went to ”Supa Tramp” was closed on Wednesday the day everyone else is going to there classes destination. Even though we went to ”Supa Tramp” yesterday we still get to go to Torquay tomorrow, In Torquay we are going to the beach, main street [ surf shops ] playground and 1 or 2 other places. Once we have got all our film done tomorrow we put it in a folder and also collect our other groups footage from the different locations. When we have got every single piece of film/photo we go onto Corel and make a film that can only be 90secs long, then the teachers will send 4 or 5 of the best one to ” Geelong and Bellarine Tourism” and the lady there will choose from them and put them on there website.

Maths- This week in maths we were focusing on ”Long/ formal division” it is a simple way to solve division questions/problems. This week I learnt how to solve long division questions and hard long division questions. [ 5-6 digits ] I went to one certain group so that I could learn the correct way of carrying in long division, the teacher made us write down 8 different long division problems and then figure them out. The first four problems had no remainders and the last four had remainders, I worked out the answers with 3 friends and I had some of those moments where you just go ” WOW I CAN’T COUNT TODAY” [does that ever happen to you?] but in the end we got all the answers and them all correct, good job girls!


English- In English I did two seeds one was about ”Life” I was writing about how people shouldn’t cheat and lie and take drugs because it doesn’t to anything good to you, your body and your family. I filled up about 3/4 quarters of the page with ideas that I wrote down. My second seed was inspired by my friend, she was writing down a piece called ”I didn’t mean it” something along those lines, so I wrote down the heading on my page ”Sorry” it is about this girl who was in her car at night and she hits a little kid and kills the kid and then drives off  because she didn’t want to blamed for the murder of a little kid.

Thanks for reading!

Switzerland’s Culture

WIN_20160815_095638 This week we had shared our countries culture that most of us finished, my country was Switzerland, and now I will be comparing some things and telling you some things about Switzerland.

What are the differences? well Switzerland are very big with there timing and there work, there work is very praiseworthy, and with there timing they are very precise. In Australia know one really likes to be late and everyone tries not to be late, but in Switzerland it is extremely rude.

What are the similarities? Majority of Switzerland’s  religion is Roman Catholic but a lot of them stayed Catholic, and a lot of people in Australia are Catholic, also with all the other different religions.

If you lived in this country what would you find most interesting and challenging? If I lived in Switzerland I would find the timing most interesting, because they seem very precise and it is very, very rude to be late. I would also find the timing and the work very challenging because there work tends to be very praiseworthy.


Week 8B Term 2-Learning Post

Dear readers,


Unfortunately I was away quite sick this week so I will not be able to tell you everything that happened, but I was at school for the last two days, so I can tell you about the subjects we did then.

Maths-If you are a common reader of my blog posts you may know about this pre-test and post-test I have been talking about, but most of you may not. A pre-test is a test that has stuff on it that you most likely will not know, so you do the test and after the test you learn all those things they had on the test, after maybe 1-2 months you take the same test, then the teacher will know, if you listen in class and also how/what you have learnt from there teaching. Because I was away I missed the post test, I did it on Thursday, I feel like I learnt quite a bit in those months and a bit, I know I wouldn’t of got 100% in the test, but seeing as I have been working quite hard in maths I am hoping that I have improved a little bit [at the least]. The test also felt a lot easier then when we had first had it, which is a good thing…… I hope.

English– In English/writing I finished another seed, which I thought was quite good, and will hopefully make it into a draft and then conference it next week. I also helped one of my friends publish a writing piece because she needed some help and didn’t have any good/creative ideas to publish. I only got 45mins of writing last week because I was annoyingly away feeling sick.

Inquiry-This week in inquiry we had to have our first ted draft into a file, so the teachers kind of know where we are at with it. In the draft it had the story, intro and the message, we had to write down our message and the take away that we wanted the readers to have. The story was like the facts about your talk, how you don’t like this or how you think it is bad that people do that like that, things like that. For the intro we wrote down what we were talking about whatever you are talking about, and how and why this is and will affect you. My ted talk is about, girls in those countries like Pakistan and those countries don’t have any respect for girl/women education. You probably are thinking… why and how does that affect you, it’s not like you don’t have a good education or fair rights. Well in fact it does affect me quite a bit seeing as I am a girl and especially hearing about that girl Mahala [ I think that was her name] who got shot in the head from these stupid men, who are just very selfish and thought that women/girls don’t need/deserve a strong/good education. Which we really do, example- what if all the men over in those countries got very sick and all the women couldn’t do anything because, 1-what are the chances that when men get sick women don’t get affected/sick at all and 2-they wouldn’t know what to do because they don’t have any idea how to help them, because they didn’t get a good education!


Hello Readers,

This week I will be doing something a bit different than usual, I must choose a setting, character or an event an write a poem. Acrostic, Haiku or just a rhyming poem, I will be doing…… an Acrostic poem, about a [stern but inside nice] teacher.

M. Master of writing and teaching.

R. Rough around the edges but has a kind and loving hear inside, unfortunately his students don’t see it that way.


G. He is a really great teacher to have because he pushes you to your limits.

R. Mr. Griffin isn’t 100% ready for his wife to have a baby.

I. He is interesting, even when he thinks a student is doing really well, he doesn’t like to tell them because they will hink they are too good and will stop trying.

F. Likes to fail students who don’t try hard enough.

F. When the students kidnap him/teachnap  him, he stays firm by not begging to the students to let him go, he stays with what he knows is right.

I. He is very informational about the tasks he sets and how he wants them to be done.

N. Never has he neglected any of his students, he always takes each one very seriously. Killing_Mr_Griffin_cover

I hope you liked my Acrostic poem, they are usually done with words and not sentences but I like to describe how I think of them and why. Annoyingly Mr. Griffin has some letters that are hard to find words that match up to him, I know it is not perfect but it is harder than it looks. Why don’t you try?


Term 2 Week 6B-Learning Post

lockersHey there,

This week I will be telling you some of the latest things I have been doing in, maths, English and inquiry.

This week in maths, we had group maths, group maths is where we have four teachers teach about something different, but they are all based around the same thing. One of the groups is always harder and then you have the slightly easier one, I think this is a really smart idea because of course not everybody is at the same level with there maths. When you know what group you are at you sign up with one note on the computer, the other really good thing is you can change your group each week. This week I chose the slightly harder group because I really want to push myself in maths, I am not a genius but  I really enjoy maths. When I got there the teacher told us we were going to be working on rounding, we were going to measure the year 6 lockers and then the year 7 lockers to see what the difference is between the two, we used depth, width and length. We rounded to the closet cm so when we had the three measurements we multiplied them and then we had the amount of cm the locker had. Then we did the same with the year 7 lockers and then we finally compared them, the year 7 lockers were very similar to the year 6’s locker but they still held more space.download

This week in inquiry, everybody was working on there ted style talk, that has a strong and personal connection with the reader. The teachers sent out a word document with the Introduction, the story and the message, the introduction is when the reader introduces what there story is about, so we all wrote on the word document what our story is about and some other bits and pieces. The story we wrote whatever our story is about, mine is about girls in those certain countries like Pakistan and that deserve to go to school because most men over there don’t think it is right, I wrote about how one girl got shot in the head by a man and she survived and is famous around the world for believing in herself and what is right. And then finally for the message we wrote what we want the audience to take away from our story and how we really want them to feel and react. I thought it was good that we did this task because when we are writing the talk we can always refer back to the document to use those same strong ideas. I am hoping that my ted talk conveys are really strong message, and I hope it makes the audience feel disgusted that, that is what happens in those poor countries.

In English, I finished publishing my piece called ”OCEAN” I think it looks really cool, I made a big blue wave with light blue paper and then I got some darker paper and put it around it, then I got sequins and stuck them on the outside, I am really proud of the finishing product of that piece. Then I started on this seed called seasons, it is all about the four seasons and what it is like to be and to do things in those seasons. I started writing it out like a normal piece and then I decided that it would be a cool idea to make it a Haiku poem. What is a Haiku poem I hear you ask-  a Haiku poem is formed by using certain syllables like ”5”7”5” so the top line would have 5 syllables and then the middle would have 7 and bottom would have 5. It doesn’t have to be exactly correct it could have a few extra syllables, but no more then two otherwise it wont seem like a Haiku poem. We were also working on similes and metaphors and how it is really good to incorporate them into your pieces of writing to make them sound better and more descriptive. A simile is ”like” or ”as” example-” it was hot as an oven today  ” she is like a bird that wants to fly away”. And then a metaphor is like a figure of speech that refers to one thing as being another thing, example- ”The world is a stage” ”She cut him down with her words” ”Miss T plants seeds of wisdom in our heads every day. I hope you now know what it is like to work at my school.