Learning Post- Term 4 Week 6B

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Here is my weekly Learning Post, for you.

English- This week in English/Writing, I managed to published two pieces. One was called Orangutans and it was from my zoo film, I just typed up the words on a word document and put a really emotive picture in the background of two Orangutans in a forest with half of the trees cut down. The other piece was called Sorry and it was about a woman driving in the night and how she sees a faint outline of something on the road but skids and hits it, then she soon finds out that it was a young girl. I published that piece by scrunching up a piece of paper from a notebook and then writing the date and the content of the writing on the page. My aim was to make it look like a diary entry.

Maths- This week in maths I went to the group where you would learn how to measure the perimeter of a shape, I found it quite simple and fun. It was really good because once we had learnt how to measure the perimeter properly we got a work sheet. The worksheet was quite simple but fun and there were a few trick questions that I managed to get, when we finished all the questions but q.1 we went to q.1 and then we had to get 5 class room objects, measure them with a ruler and and then add the sides to then get the whole perimeter.

Inquiry-This week in inquiry Ellie and I finished our personal project shotlist. The shotlist was quite long and it had about 12 shots, we had a lot of description, about what type of shot we are going to take, what we are talking about and also what we are filming. Next time we have inquiry Ellie and I are getting the teachers to go over our shotlist so that we will be able to tick the ”Planning” box.

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Learning Post Term 4 Week 5A

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This blog post is just a weekly learning post.


Maths-This week on Wednesday, we had maths groups. We were starting a new thing in maths…..AREA and PERIMITER, I signed up for the ‘’Measuring the area’’. I didn’t know much about how to measure the area or perimeter but I knew what they both were, Mrs S first introduced us to measuring the area and what it is exactly, and then when we knew what it was she gave all of us a work sheet. I found the work sheet quite simple but there were a few trick questions. ‘’The towns perimeter has 4 sides that are each 10km2’’ the trick about that is you just think of multiplying 4 with 10 but because there are 4 sides of 10 you would multiply 10*10 which equals 100.


English- The other day in writing, Mr H came over to me to have a one on one conference. I had, had one conference with this piece already but I needed to work on it a bit more, Mr H helped me with so much in the piece and he helped me clear up a few sentence that I needed to work on. Once we had finished the conference I went over and re-wrote the piece so I could clear it up a bit and make it a lot easier to read and understand. When I had finished writing the piece I stuck on my seed to it and my other draft, now it is ready for another conference which I can hopefully publish it in.


Inquiry-This week in inquiry, we started our personal projects, it isn’t really personal though because it must have something to do with the school. We had to think of a video to make which would help the school out, like how to use your record book properly, that is what Ellie and I are doing. We were lucky enough to get a free record book form Mr P, we wrote both of our names on it and also wrote some ideas on a piece of paper. Next week we will type up a shot list then hopefully we will be able to start some filming in about two weeks.

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S.O.S Conservation Film

This term we got a great opportunity to help support 1 out of 10 animals.

First we chose an animal, Orangutan, Helmeted Honey eater, Crocodile, Seal, Stick insect, and so on. I chose the Orangutan because us humans share so much in common with them, and they also would have a very strong message to convey. Once we had chosen the animal that we should lend our voice to, we did a lot of research on that animal, [where they live… what they eat…. why they’ re endangered] When we got enough feedback and we were quite happy with our information, we all started putting our info in a good order for a script. I found the script probably the hardest part because I didn’t really know where to put certain sentences and if I should just start with they’re endangered or take my time getting to it.

Once we had our scripts pretty much done the teachers organised a date for us to go to the Melbourne zoo, so that we would be able to to a piece to camera with our animal behind us in the background and also to get all of our footage for our film. The morning came and we got on a bus to go to the zoo, when we got there we all got into our groups of what animal we were doing, in the Orangutans there were only a few people so it was good that it wouldn’t be as difficult filming and not as crowded when walking. We checked out a few of the animals which was quite fun but when that was done we were straight to the Orangutan enclosure, we did a little bit of filming then grabbed our lunch. One of the zoo keepers came into the Orangutan area and gave a great talk about how the animals live and what they do. When he had left and most of the crowd had gone to we started doing our piece to camera, a few of the girls and I did it in front of the food area in the Orangutan enclosure where it has some products that did and didn’t have palm oil so we were able to point at some of the foods to get a stronger messages across.

When we got back we quickly downloaded all of our footage on to our computers then it was home time, we were already for a big day the next day culling and editing all of our footage. So we edited and culled all of our footage until we had enough then we started piecing together the film, I thought putting the film in was probably the easiest part because when the voice over came we wouldn’t have to put the film in particular order. I did my film quite quick so I was one of the first to add a voice over, when I had completed my voice over I changed a few of the positions of my footage so it went perfectly with the voice over.

Next came the feedback stage, we put our computers out with the feedback paper and off we went giving constructive feedback to our peers. I got really great footage but unfortunately I put the wrong film in [ the one that didn’t have music] so the first thing that I did when it came to the re-edit I made sure I still had the correct film, when I had the right film in the folder and I was completely happy with it I was done. YAY

But there was always something else, so then again we put our computers down and got a sticky note so that people could write the positive things about our film and how much we had improved from the first film.

I think this was a great opportunity for us year 6’s to have because we learnt about the real world not everything is happy and the world isn’t getting better, people are killing animals for popularity and fame and just to show off a lions head on their wall, I realised that we could do just a little thing for that animal but it would have made a big difference to that animal.


Learning Post- Term 4 week 2B

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Inquiry-On Monday all of the year 6’s went to the Melbourne Zoo, very early in the morning. It was all for our animal talks, one of the main instructions about the talk is to have a piece to camera in your film [talking to the camera with a video of you] and we also had to have our own videos and things of our animal instead of getting it off the internet. I really enjoyed the experience of going and seeing all the animals and I think it will be really good that we are creating this talk.win_20161013_172827

Maths-Today in maths all the year 6’s started our problem solving again, I managed to write down both of my questions quite speedily, so I was able to go straight onto the questions. I worked with my friend Ellie, and we managed to get the first answer quite quickly, I feel like the more we talk about the question the more I understand what I have to do to get the answer. [Stratergising]  And for the second question I wasn’t able to complete until I got home, this question was really quite hard, but I knew I had to do one thing to know where I had to go.

Thanks readers, this week I was not able to do writing because I was away.

#Description // iproject post // #1

Hi readers,

This week we are starting our third iproject, except for this one we can work with a partner which makes it more fun. I am working with jjjcapturely, and we are thinking of baking something delicious, we went onto a website and came up with an amazing ”Choc chip cookie inside a pretzel”. And of course you have to have a drink so we are making a very cool ”Caramel Milkshake” [in the recipe it says add vodka but we are not going to] I am very excited because I have never actually made either of these delicious things, I don’t quite know how it will turn out, but I am praying that it works the first time because really who wants to do it more than once. It will be a bit difficult going to each others houses and organising it, but we will make it work. FOR FOOD!!! We are thinking of catching up on two different occasions, one for the actual cooking and two, for making the film/video and editing. Thanks readers ;]


Promotion Film Reflection

Hello readers,

This term we started a promotion film, Geelong by kids for kids. First we got an email from a lady called Tracey who works at a place who promote the Geelong and the Bellarine, she asked us if we wanted to all make a film for her so that they can put it on their website. Of course we wanted to, so we all got to work, we got into small groups and wrote down a list of places where kids like us would love to go in the Geelong and Bellarine area. Once everyone had written down some great places the teachers culled it down to about 4 areas  with a few places at each. 6A- Torquay- Supa-Tramp, Skate park, Beach and park 6B- Waurn Ponds- Leisure Link, Balyang Sanctuary, 6C- Geelong- Geelong waterfront, skate park and Ferris wheel. Then we all got into a group of 6 [ 2 people from each class] so that we could use the film from each of our partners class. Finally the teachers had everything set and we were ready to go, on Tuesday 6A were the only class to go somewhere because Supa tramp was only open on Tuesday. Once they had comeback from there they saved all there film onto a computer before the film gets lost. Then on Wednesday all the classes set off to there designated places, we all went to a place for around 10-15 minutes depending on what/how big the place is/was. After a great day with all of our filming and everything sorted and completed, we had to save all of our footage on our computers, unfortunately the K-Drive was completely full. Luckily the teachers managed to get 12 USB’s for each group, so it was really easy for everyone in each group to get there footage together and ready. But before we could put all the film on an USB we had to cull and cut all of the bad footage or the last two seconds at the end of a film.

When we had cut all of our film and we were really happy with what we had, we were ready to edit on Corel, it took a very long time to get all the footage on to Corel because it is a very laggy program. When we were happy with our first draft, all the year 6’s went around to everyone’s computer and give a person some feedback so t the en of the session each year six would have five comments. Then we re-edited it with the comments that we got, finally wen we had used all the feedback and were happy with he film, we went and commented on peoples films again. When we had our sheet with all the feedback e gave it t the teachers so that they can chose a few of the best films to send off to the client.

Even if my film doesn’t get chosen, I still think it was a great experience. Here is my completed film⤵

Term 3 Week – RVE country post

Hey there,

So this week I finished my second country for our RVE project, my country is Jamaica. I am going to type down some questions about the country, down below.

What are the differences between Australia and Jamaica- Well in Australia when you met someone you tend to say nice to meet you ”John” or whatever the persons name is but in Jamaica they would say there last name like nice to meet you Mrs. Smith. The Jamaicans will call them by there last name until a very good friendship is formed.

What are the similarities Between Australia and Jamaica- There greeting is also very similar to ours, instead of doing a tribal dance or WIN_20160829_195607something like that they just give each other a firm handshake with a kind smile with very good eye contact. And that is how the average Australians greet each other too.

If you lived in Jamaica what would be the interesting parts and the challenging parts- The challenging is that the majority of there food is there crops like fish, spices, vegetables, animals. They are very nature friendly so they take only what they need. I also find that interesting to because on the flip side you would be having all these amazing cuisines and you know where it is all coming from, a lot of there meals are influenced from there ancestors and the indigenous people who lived on the land way before them.

So that is my country for RVE I hope you learnt something interesting or new.

Term 3 Week 6B- Reading/ Preparation for book week

A610318Readers, this is my reading task this week, I will be answering these few questions and explaining, why, who, how, when, what.

Next week we have Book Week. What was your favourite story / book when you were younger? Find the book/ story, answer the following question and have it ready to bring next week to share with the class.

  1. What makes this book your favourite? Well it is about one of my favourite athletes/Olympian; Sally Pearson, the book is called Sally Pearson ” Believe” I also love it because Sally Pearson’s event is Hurdles, and that used to my favourite athletics event.
  2. Who used to read it to you the most? Why? I read it to myself quite a few times, I got the book when I was 8 or 9 so I was very capable of reading to myself and also because I absolutely love her and hurdles.
  3. What age were you when you first heard the book / story? Well I was in a local ”TARGET” and we were at the cash register, and I saw the book on the shelf, [ it was in early December only 2-3 weeks from Christmas] and I begged and begged mum for it but she said no, wait till Christmas. And on Christmas I got it, I read it that day, when I was 8-9.
  4. Who is your favourite character and why? Obvious my favourite/ only character is Sally, she is just so inspirational and she never gives up.
  5. How did the book make you feel? It made we want to go outside get some hurdles and run till my legs would break off, I was just so inspired by her and I wanted to be just like her and I copied the things she did and said in the book.

Term 3 Week 4B- Reading Log

Hi there,

This week I will be……Developing a Narrative: Choose a fiction book you have read recently. Think about the stages of this narrative – its Orientation, the Complication and the Resolution. What happened in each stage?

I have just finished reading a book called ”The girl on the train” It introduces the main characters, and there normal daily things especially what Rachel does because she is the main character. Then it gets into how she is so jealous of Meagan and Scott because they are the most perfect couple, and Meagan is so beautiful and skinny and Rachel used to be like that when she was married to Tom. Then one day Meagan is with another man not her darling Scott, but this other man. Then it goes on to how Rachel keeps on calling leaving notes and voicemails to Tom and Anna, soon later Meagan goes missing, of course Rachel’s first guess is Meagan has been kidnapped be mystery man, but after the police discover that it was not him, they move straight to Scott Meagan’s husband because in 95% of the time it was the husband, the boyfriend or the lover/affair guy. Rachel becomes very close with Scott after telling him that Meagan had someone else and that Rachel loves/loved some else. After a while Scott gets angry and he realizes that they will never find Meagan, and was Rachel just making it all up for attention because she had no one in her life to love but herself. Then all these memories come back to Rachel the night she was out [ drunk] Rachel went missing, she had fell over and Tom came and picked her up, but when her memory comes back Tom didn’t pick her up. Tom got into a car with Meagan, after all her memories come back she realizes that her dear Tom must of been the one who killed Meagan [she wouldn’t be missing for that long, would she?] Rachel goes to confront Tom, and he admits of course, but also holds her hostage. Tom nearly killed Rachel but she protected herself and ended up killing him, the police finds the body, because Tom told Rachel, not knowing that she would live to see the light of day again.


Thanks for reading those LONG stages, I hope you got an understanding of the book.



Term 3 Week 4B- Passion project/ iproject

Hello there readers,

this week I will be working a bit more on my plan of attack for my iproject.

Teachers explanation-

This fortnight you need to have a confirmed idea/project. You are now require to make a Plan of Attack for your project.

What to do, When to do it, and How to do it.

So right now, I will be confirming, that for my iproject I will be making bath bombs.

My Plan- I’m thinking that I will first film and talk about the ingredients for the Bath bombs, so I will make them and of course I will have a few trials and errors. I will probably try the bath bombs on 3 different occasions, with lots of different colours because they are really quite easy to make. I’m hoping I might be able to start in week 6A, I would love to start next week but unfortunately I can’t because I am away. You only really an oven, some ingredients to make the bath bombs, and a cupping thing that makes the bath bombs really round. By my second or third time I am hoping to be really good at them, good enough to make one for the whole class, and I will use quite a few colourful colours, to make the bath bombs look really pretty and colourful. I might use my sister to be my helper if I am aloud to, I am going to get a lot of film so I have much to work with instead of very little.