Term 2 Week 1A- What am I passionate about?

Dear Readers,

For this weeks homework, I am telling you something I really enjoy, or are really passionate about. If you read my blogs often,  you may know that I really enjoy, and am really passionate about basketball. But I also enjoy other things, I usually like to be outside, with a friend or playing basketball. I don’t usually enjoy just being at home doing nothing, I also really enjoy swimming, even when it is freezing. In Barwon Heads, there is a really good pier, when the tied is high enough, it is really fun to jump off, and also when the current is really strong, you can go under the pier, and  it pulls you across the water.


My favourite subject in school would be sport of course, but out of maths and English and those types of subjects, it would be maths. I really enjoy the maths tests, and figuring out answers myself, because it makes me feel proud, that after all that work I got my answer right, or I completed a test. And  all in all I like learning new things in maths, like last term,  learnt how to work out ” the power of/indices.

Personal Post- What I enjoy!

basket ballDear readers for this weeks homework…. we have to do a personal post. My personal post is about… Basketball!!!!!

Basketball is my favourite sport, and I have been playing since I was 6 years old. I play in 2 teams, seagulls lime, is a domestic team, that I play on Monday nights, and train on Thursday nights. And my other team is Bellarine Storm, which is a rep team, and we play teams from all around the region. With storm I train on Wednesdays and Sundays, it is a lot more competitive than domestic basketball. About a month and a half ago, I tried out for this Bellarine storm skills training. About 20 Bellarine storm players tried out for it and about 12 got in, lucky enough I got in, but every Wednesday morning at 5:00am I have to wake up to go to the training which begins at 6:00am. The amazing thing is about the skills and the training we do, is that our trainer, played in the England basketball team for the OLYMPICS. she also played for W.N.B.L which stands for Women’s National Basketball League. She is now a fill in coach at Bellarine Storm, and sometimes when our coach is at another game, we are lucky enough for her to train us!!!


Winter Sport

My winter sport was volley-stars. We played eleven games and our team won about four or five of them.  The teams we played were Christian College Highton, Christian College Bellarine, Kardina, Montpellier, Grovedale Primary and the other Geelong College teams.