Switzerland’s Culture

WIN_20160815_095638 This week we had shared our countries culture that most of us finished, my country was Switzerland, and now I will be comparing some things and telling you some things about Switzerland.

What are the differences? well Switzerland are very big with there timing and there work, there work is very praiseworthy, and with there timing they are very precise. In Australia know one really likes to be late and everyone tries not to be late, but in Switzerland it is extremely rude.

What are the similarities? Majority of Switzerland’s  religion is Roman Catholic but a lot of them stayed Catholic, and a lot of people in Australia are Catholic, also with all the other different religions.

If you lived in this country what would you find most interesting and challenging? If I lived in Switzerland I would find the timing most interesting, because they seem very precise and it is very, very rude to be late. I would also find the timing and the work very challenging because there work tends to be very praiseworthy.