Term 3 Week 4B-Learning Post

Hello there,

This is a learning post, so I will telling you about the normal subjects that I do every week in class with my homeroom teacher [majority of the time].

English- Marmalade-Bread-Butter-Knife-Plate……. these were the ingredients that my teacher brought in to help our class make a procedural text. I was chosen to write down all the instructions that the class gave to my teacher, and I literally had to write down every single word that they said, ex- um… like… At the end of all the instructions we ended up having 13 instructions, the bread all torn apart, and marmalade absolutely smothered all over the plate, so we kind of understood that you need to put in lots and lots of detail to a procedural text.


Maths- Today in maths I was really happy because we had maths groups, and I had chosen Mrs. Stafford’s group and we were working with multiplying really high numbers using the trading and carrying strategy, where you put the numbers on top of each other, well I learnt how to do that with multiplying three and two digit numbers. I was really proud of myself, because I got most of my answers correct except for this one that I forgot to trade and my teacher helped me, and explained it really clearly.


Inquiry-In inquiry we were working on our shot list for when we go on our excursion and film for the ”Bellarine and Geelong Tourism” Capturewe had to write what type of shot we wanted like, mid shot, if we wanted a GoPro and all those types of shots. Then we had to write how long we needed for each shot/place, next we had to write the places that we were thinking of going to and then finally what we would actually be doing in the shot. It was just kind of like a small plan for all of our filming and things.

Thanks for reading readers.

Learning Post- Term 3 Week 3A

Hi there,

Today I will be telling you what I have done this week, in some of my favourite and most important subjects.

Writing/English- In writing I did this really long seed, it’s called ”Money” it is about this girl who is homeless and all she needs is a bit of money to help her out and to get a bit of food, warmth and clothes.

In year 6 we try to publish our pieces and creatively as we can. My friend had published a piece and it was a ” guess what I am” type of piece, [ it was an apple ] but she didn’t want to print out or draw an apple, because that would give it away. So she printed out her writing on some red paper with her words on top, she didn’t know what to do, so I said why don’t you make it into an envelope with her words on the front. Then I said you should print of a few pictures of apples to put into the envelope, so when people read it, they will guess what food, or shape or whatever it is and then look in the envelope and see a few apples.

Inquiry-On Tuesday Mrs. Stafford broke the great news to us, we were chosen by the ”Geelong and Bellarine Promotions” to make a ”for kids, by kids” film, because we are so fantastic and great at media. They basically promote good places all around the Bellarine Peninsula, and we are making a film for them, but for and from a kids perspective, so we got into a group and wrote some places down that kids would like to go to during the summer holidays in the Bellarine Peninsula area. Once we had written down all ideas, the teachers collected them and are now trying to make a schedule for the next month so we can go on an excursion and film some places.

Maths- In maths we worked on our last problem solving task, the question was ”A ball rebounds half of the height from which it is dropped. It’s dropped 128metres from a building. How far will the ball of travelled in total by the sixth time it hits the ground” Do you WIN_20160728_190001know the answer?

Thank you for reading my latest blog post, and if you know the answer to the maths problem, please put your answer in the comment box down below.

Term 3 Week 2B-Learning Post

Hello there,

This week I will be filling you in on all the important things in school, like maths, inquiry and English. So……. here is what I did this week.

Inquiry-This week in inquiry the teachers gave us a task to make a cyber safety video with a partner, first we had to make up a script about an interesting story that happened on a social media website. After we had finished our script and was happy with it, we had to go around to 3 people and ask for constructive feedback after they finished reading it. Abby and I only had to tweak a few words then after we had added all of our constructive feedback we had to show a teacher and see what they thought about it. Mrs. Stafford really liked our script/ the story, when we had the ”all clear” we could start recording our voiceover in the Audio Booth. Once we recorded our voiceover we went on Corel, an added the voiceover, after we were happy with the voiceover we had to find some good imagery off the internet and add it on top of our voiceover. When we were happy and finished with our story clip/video, we went and showed Mrs. Stafford, she said it was really good we had to just make it a bit louder and change a image because it had a water mark on it, so we added them in and we were done.


Maths- This week in maths the year 6 teachers introduced a new and interesting homework task. It is called problem solving, each year 6 got a ”Problem Solving” maths book then the teachers described what we had to do. So each week we are given an interesting problem, [Brain Teaser] an in our problem solving books we write down the key words of the questions. When I say ”Key Words” I mean the interesting parts of the problem so if someone random read the key words paragraph they would understand the problem. Then we make our book look nice and neat with the date, a margin and maybe a bit of colour. WIN_20160724_164559 (2)

Then we take our books home each night and try to figure the complex problems out, when we have got our answer we draw a diagram/a picture of our answer and how we think the problem works. Then each Thursday we show some examples of how people worked out the answer and so on.


English- In English we did this really fun seed with Mr. Wade, so first Mr. W started telling us all about procedural text and what it all means. After he explained it all he said we were to go off and do an interesting procedural text [mine is about how to have a good life] first I was going to do mine on ”how to cook choc chip cupcakes, and then I realized it wouldn’t really be my own writing at all because I certainly didn’t invent them, so I wouldn’t be doing any work. Then I saw that Mr. W had written some ideas down on the whiteboard. I quickly rubbed it off so that way I would be the only one doing that idea, then I got to work. When I had finished with my seed, I wrote it all down on a piece of paper, I got a few of my peers to read it, then off to the conference folder it went.

Dear Readers,

I really hope you enjoyed this weeks update, see you next time on….. Camilla’s blog.


Learning Post

Hi there,


This week I am recommending a book to you, I will be explaining what the book is about and why I chose it. This book is called ‘’Locked in time by Lois Duncan’’ I finished on Friday, It is really good, I am not going to give it all away but I will tell you a bit about it.


Picture this……..

Nore’s [Eleonore] Mum has just passed away about 9 months ago from cancer, her dad met this beautiful woman called Lissette and they are now not married but very close/intimate. Nore has never really forgiven her dad for this turn of events, but he invites her to Lissette’s holiday house anyway. Lissette has two kids 18 yr. old boy called Gabe and a 13 yr. old girl called Josie. When she gets to the house she realises that this family is quite rich, Lissette seems very nice and kind and the two kids seem nice enough too. When they are sitting down at the table talking about all the places they went to, Josie the daughter was telling Nore about one time when they were living in London, they went to this circus and it was really cool and everything because when one of the jugglers was juggling with fire the fire fell to the floor and burnt the whole tent. It killed about 60 people. All through dinner they were chatting away and enjoying their first night with their new visitor, that night when Nore was finally in bed she replayed what Josie had said, something wasn’t quite right though. Finally she figured it out, in her head she though that must be impossible because when Nore was about 7 and had the chicken pox her mum was trying to make her feel better by telling her stories. Nore’s mum said that when she was a little girl the chicken pox saved her life because her parents had bought her tickets to a circus in London but because she was sick she couldn’t go. She also mentioned that the circus burnt down from one of the jugglers fire trick. It just doesn’t add up, Nore’s Mother was 40 years old when she told Nore that story, and Josie is only 13, how could Josie have been at that circus?


You might have to read the book and find out, there are quite a few clues in the story including the heading, maybe you can figure it out.




Week 8B Term 2-Learning Post

Dear readers,


Unfortunately I was away quite sick this week so I will not be able to tell you everything that happened, but I was at school for the last two days, so I can tell you about the subjects we did then.

Maths-If you are a common reader of my blog posts you may know about this pre-test and post-test I have been talking about, but most of you may not. A pre-test is a test that has stuff on it that you most likely will not know, so you do the test and after the test you learn all those things they had on the test, after maybe 1-2 months you take the same test, then the teacher will know, if you listen in class and also how/what you have learnt from there teaching. Because I was away I missed the post test, I did it on Thursday, I feel like I learnt quite a bit in those months and a bit, I know I wouldn’t of got 100% in the test, but seeing as I have been working quite hard in maths I am hoping that I have improved a little bit [at the least]. The test also felt a lot easier then when we had first had it, which is a good thing…… I hope.

English– In English/writing I finished another seed, which I thought was quite good, and will hopefully make it into a draft and then conference it next week. I also helped one of my friends publish a writing piece because she needed some help and didn’t have any good/creative ideas to publish. I only got 45mins of writing last week because I was annoyingly away feeling sick.

Inquiry-This week in inquiry we had to have our first ted draft into a file, so the teachers kind of know where we are at with it. In the draft it had the story, intro and the message, we had to write down our message and the take away that we wanted the readers to have. The story was like the facts about your talk, how you don’t like this or how you think it is bad that people do that like that, things like that. For the intro we wrote down what we were talking about whatever you are talking about, and how and why this is and will affect you. My ted talk is about, girls in those countries like Pakistan and those countries don’t have any respect for girl/women education. You probably are thinking… why and how does that affect you, it’s not like you don’t have a good education or fair rights. Well in fact it does affect me quite a bit seeing as I am a girl and especially hearing about that girl Mahala [ I think that was her name] who got shot in the head from these stupid men, who are just very selfish and thought that women/girls don’t need/deserve a strong/good education. Which we really do, example- what if all the men over in those countries got very sick and all the women couldn’t do anything because, 1-what are the chances that when men get sick women don’t get affected/sick at all and 2-they wouldn’t know what to do because they don’t have any idea how to help them, because they didn’t get a good education!

Term 2 Week 6B-Learning Post

lockersHey there,

This week I will be telling you some of the latest things I have been doing in, maths, English and inquiry.

This week in maths, we had group maths, group maths is where we have four teachers teach about something different, but they are all based around the same thing. One of the groups is always harder and then you have the slightly easier one, I think this is a really smart idea because of course not everybody is at the same level with there maths. When you know what group you are at you sign up with one note on the computer, the other really good thing is you can change your group each week. This week I chose the slightly harder group because I really want to push myself in maths, I am not a genius but  I really enjoy maths. When I got there the teacher told us we were going to be working on rounding, we were going to measure the year 6 lockers and then the year 7 lockers to see what the difference is between the two, we used depth, width and length. We rounded to the closet cm so when we had the three measurements we multiplied them and then we had the amount of cm the locker had. Then we did the same with the year 7 lockers and then we finally compared them, the year 7 lockers were very similar to the year 6’s locker but they still held more space.download

This week in inquiry, everybody was working on there ted style talk, that has a strong and personal connection with the reader. The teachers sent out a word document with the Introduction, the story and the message, the introduction is when the reader introduces what there story is about, so we all wrote on the word document what our story is about and some other bits and pieces. The story we wrote whatever our story is about, mine is about girls in those certain countries like Pakistan and that deserve to go to school because most men over there don’t think it is right, I wrote about how one girl got shot in the head by a man and she survived and is famous around the world for believing in herself and what is right. And then finally for the message we wrote what we want the audience to take away from our story and how we really want them to feel and react. I thought it was good that we did this task because when we are writing the talk we can always refer back to the document to use those same strong ideas. I am hoping that my ted talk conveys are really strong message, and I hope it makes the audience feel disgusted that, that is what happens in those poor countries.

In English, I finished publishing my piece called ”OCEAN” I think it looks really cool, I made a big blue wave with light blue paper and then I got some darker paper and put it around it, then I got sequins and stuck them on the outside, I am really proud of the finishing product of that piece. Then I started on this seed called seasons, it is all about the four seasons and what it is like to be and to do things in those seasons. I started writing it out like a normal piece and then I decided that it would be a cool idea to make it a Haiku poem. What is a Haiku poem I hear you ask-  a Haiku poem is formed by using certain syllables like ”5”7”5” so the top line would have 5 syllables and then the middle would have 7 and bottom would have 5. It doesn’t have to be exactly correct it could have a few extra syllables, but no more then two otherwise it wont seem like a Haiku poem. We were also working on similes and metaphors and how it is really good to incorporate them into your pieces of writing to make them sound better and more descriptive. A simile is ”like” or ”as” example-” it was hot as an oven today  ” she is like a bird that wants to fly away”. And then a metaphor is like a figure of speech that refers to one thing as being another thing, example- ”The world is a stage” ”She cut him down with her words” ”Miss T plants seeds of wisdom in our heads every day. I hope you now know what it is like to work at my school.

Term 2 Week 5A- Learning post

This week I won’t be telling you about the main subjects I am going to tell you about the additional subjects, such as A.R.T, drama, P.E and sport. Unfortunately we don’t start A.R.T until next term, so I will only be talking about the other three closes.

Drama- In drama we had to choose a group of about 6 and an appropriate song, with an appropriate message, then we have to make up a dance to the song and perform in front of the class. In my group we have 3 girls and 3 boys, which is good because we are even, our song that we decided to choose was really easy, Warrior by D.J Havana Brown. The good thing about our song is it has Q’s so we know what to do in some parts of the song example- ” MARCH TO THE BEAT ”. We are things of having green and black stripes on our face because it is like a tribunal war song. Hopefully we will be able to find the Camo outfits or even just props. If our dance is really good we might be able to perform it in front of assembly.

P.E.- In P.E. we are working on attacking and defending games [Netball, Soccer and Basketball] we get a choice of what sprat we want to play. Our teachers want us to get thinking about those three different games, so say I was really good at basketball, then that’s good now I would need to work on my strategies and thinking of Soccer and Netball. [ That is what our teachers are looking for ]

SPORT- You may think that P.E. and SPORT are the same school it’s not, you all know what we do in P.E. but sport. In Sport we choose a sport to play-






I have chosen Netball, so every Thursday for the next 4 weeks we go out to our school netball courts and vs. different schools that are in our division, so last week we played Christian College Bellarine. We lost but it was still are really fun/competitive game. The same goes for the other sports, some people might of chosen footy so the school comes and vs. our school in footy.

Thanks for reading, what do you think seems like the best subject?



A few weeks ago year 6  was working on 3D and 2D  nets and shapes. The teachers gave us an assignment that we had to do,

Shape Animations- We had to choose a few shapes to include in our stop it animation video, you had to show the shapes net and then how it could transform into the 3D. Your  video had to have a little story to goo along with it, like some people had a square based pyramid, but they decorated some paper and put it over the top to make it look like the pyramids in Egypt. I think we had about 1 week or a week and a half to complete the video.

Our storyline was these people built a house, then they got a couch and a fire to keep them warm, then the fire  knocked onto their house then the house caught on fire, and they were very sad.


As a group as girls we worked really well, and we used all of our ideas in the film. The hardest part when we just had 2 people being able to film and move the things around, that was hard because Aimee and I had different decisions about how far they move and how many pics we took, but we worked with our ideas. Overall I think our group worked really well for a bunch of girls.


I  think our story highlighted our shape  because  it was the main part of our video, and we showed  the shapes net really well.


I think  the main thing that we could improve on is in our video,  I think the speech bubbles could of been zoomed in a bit closer then what they were, and also add another second or two when thee speech bubbles are being shown, because when I watched the video for the  first time I could just read the words.



Term 2 Week 3A- Learning Post

Dear Readers,

This week I will be telling you about the main subjects of school, English, Maths and inquiry.

This week in Maths we had a very strange test, it seemed very simple but I think our teacher was looking for something in everybody’s answers. The first question was, No.1 divide 25 balloons between 4 people as equally as possible, No.2 divide 25 dollars between 4 people, No.3 divide 25 cookies with 4 people. The questions were all very much alike, but the answers would be different, we had to show a few ways of how we got the answers. We also did this other test about fractions, it is called a pre test. A pre test is where you have a test, and then the teachers look at everybody’s answers then they write down what everybody needs to learn, the after we have learnt all those things we have a post test. A post test is the exact same test as the pre test, its just that the teachers need to see what you have learnt and what you haven’t learnt.

This week in English I wrote this really good seed about the ocean and surfing. I thought it was good because I used all of the 5 senses, TOUCH, HEAR, SMELL,SEE and TASTE. Our teachers think it is good if we use all the 5 senses, because then the reader will know how you feel, and the piece will be really descriptive. Every second Monday we have a conference with our writing piece, so that we can make it even better that what it is. Half of the class goes with one teacher and the other half goes with the other teacher, you go around the circle reading you piece to your group, then everybody can say a good comment and a constructive comment to make it better. If the teachers think the piece is really good then they will most likely let you publish it, but usually you make your piece better using the feedback you got from the class and then you take it back for hopefully the last conference.

This week in Inquiry we read this really strange book about a town, and everyone fears this animal in the forest called a BOAR, and one day this little girl goes out into the forest to see if the BOAR is real and what it looks like. The books we read in inquiry are usually quite short [ 2-4 pages ] and they are also very strange, they are meant to make us think about the book and dig deeper to get the message. After the first time we read the book we get out our books and write down all the questions and the things we thought about the book, then we read it a second time so then most of our questions will be answered, and you find out more the second time. After the second time we read the book the class discuses our thoughts and our questions about the book, we then all add our comments in, which usually ends up with ” No but she did that, so that is wrong!” it is like a small argument. Lastly we have a focus question, we then write the question in our books and then write a short answer, then finally discuss it one more time.


Term 2 Week 1A- What am I passionate about?

Dear Readers,

For this weeks homework, I am telling you something I really enjoy, or are really passionate about. If you read my blogs often,  you may know that I really enjoy, and am really passionate about basketball. But I also enjoy other things, I usually like to be outside, with a friend or playing basketball. I don’t usually enjoy just being at home doing nothing, I also really enjoy swimming, even when it is freezing. In Barwon Heads, there is a really good pier, when the tied is high enough, it is really fun to jump off, and also when the current is really strong, you can go under the pier, and  it pulls you across the water.


My favourite subject in school would be sport of course, but out of maths and English and those types of subjects, it would be maths. I really enjoy the maths tests, and figuring out answers myself, because it makes me feel proud, that after all that work I got my answer right, or I completed a test. And  all in all I like learning new things in maths, like last term,  learnt how to work out ” the power of/indices.