#Feedback // Term 4 Week 9A

Hey readers,

Today Emily and I got our feedback from people in our class, the whole class got into small groups and went around watching each others  videos/ the people who were showing there iproject.  All of our film was in a a time lapse which made it look really cool, well that is what everyone said, at the start of our film we had to add a quick ”How to make an iproject  film”.  Unfortunately my partner ”Emily” did not let me edit the film as much as I would of liked too, and there were many grammar ans spelling mistakes, also the slide show part at the start where it has the ”how to make an iproject” every time you would go to read each step it would go to quickly, so that you would be lucky enough to get the  first line out of  it and then it would disappear. It was frustrating for me to watch because if my partner had of let me help our film would/ could of been  so much better, you might love a film or a piece of work that you have done but you also need to get someone else from another persons  perspective of the piece/item of work that you are doing. Other peoples feedback was that it was really entertaining and funny at the end of the film, other people also said that they really liked our idea and it made them hungry even though our cake pops were slightly disgustingly sweet.

#Editing //Term 3 week 7A

Hey Guys,

Today Emily and I were working a bit on our film, we had some very cool edits. We had rewinds, slo-mo, blurs, time lapse and a few other cool things that looked good in the film. It was quite quick to edit because we didn’t need to cut any film because we did that when we were filming, every time we would stuff up a scene we would delete it and re-film. And it was also easy because we had a two hour period and we both just worked really hard on it and managed to finished the whole film, and choose some good music to go well with it. On the weekend we finished filming it complImage result for cake popsetely, and our cake pops turned out horrible they tasted horrible and they looked horrible. Our first problem was the icing, everything was going well until it came to the icing, we went to dip our cake pops in the icing but the icing wasn’t liquid enough so instead of pulling the icing out with the cake pop the icing pulled the cake pop in. We then put it in the micro wave and when we were getting it out Emily spilt it on my finger and it burnt me, which really hurt, it still didn’t work. We then just decided to work with the icing instead of against it and we had some good techniques going but they weren’t really working for us. We then got another icing which worked a lot better but we got it with four cake pops to go so there was no point really, even though we used it. At the end we put some sprinkles on, to try and make the cake pops look good but……… it wasn’t helping at all, we also tried them and they tasted absolutely disgusting. Thanks for reading readers!!!

#Production // iproject Week 6B

Hello there,

Today I will be talking about how Emily and I’s iproject is coming along. We are up to the filming stage and are catching up on the weekend, one of our many challenges was making a time to catch up, it was only difficult because we were both doing different sports and activitiesImage result for cake popss on weekends and they were on at different times and it was just difficult. We originally had a drink and cake pops but we have decided it will take to long to do the drink because it is so big and choc-a-block, the cake pops will be still hard but it won’t take as long and as many goes if we just do one food. Both of us have never made cake pops before so we might have a few fails along the way, but that will also be good for our film, having some challenges that we have to pass through will look good in our film. I don’t think we will have multiple times that we attempt to cook because when it comes to cake pops they make about 12-14 with the mixture and hopefully it won’t be as hard as we think it will be to make. We will have a lot of different flavours and toppings so it will look very colourful and pretty.


#Planning// iproject// Term 4 week 2B

Hi there Readers,

Emily and I have decided that we will now most likely be making cake pops instead of our first idea, but we will still be keeping the ashotlists-ppmazing drink. We have also be discussing and planning catching up over a few of the next weekends so we can film, and things like that. We have also started talking about our shotlist that we must create for the film to have some flow. A shotlist is where you basically script your whole film and plan what you are going to do throughout your film, and you usually also write down what type of shots you are planning on doing. The shots might be a P.T.C which is where you talk to the camera about what you are doing or something about your ideas. You could do many, any shots, but there is one that I thought might be very cool for Emily and I’s project is, an overhead shot, it is basically a birds eye view, so it would see us in the kitchen from above, like a giant looking down at us [but not a giant.

Thanks readers, that is one of my weekly iproject posts for you;]

#Description // iproject post // #1

Hi readers,

This week we are starting our third iproject, except for this one we can work with a partner which makes it more fun. I am working with jjjcapturely, and we are thinking of baking something delicious, we went onto a website and came up with an amazing ”Choc chip cookie inside a pretzel”. And of course you have to have a drink so we are making a very cool ”Caramel Milkshake” [in the recipe it says add vodka but we are not going to] I am very excited because I have never actually made either of these delicious things, I don’t quite know how it will turn out, but I am praying that it works the first time because really who wants to do it more than once. It will be a bit difficult going to each others houses and organising it, but we will make it work. FOR FOOD!!! We are thinking of catching up on two different occasions, one for the actual cooking and two, for making the film/video and editing. Thanks readers ;]