Reading Log- They Never Came Home

Hi readers, today we have to do a plot analysis about our story, [ written below ] My book is THEY NEVER CAME HOME.


Plot Analysis: Write about a brief plot outline on one of the books you have read this week. If you haven’t finished a book this week record the events so far and then predict how the book might end. they never came home

As you know I am reading the book, They never came home. I have not finished the book, so I am going to tell you the events so far, and then predict what might happen in this book.

So far, Anne’s brother and boyfriend have gone missing after going hiking/camping up in the mountains, and Anne has received this phone call from a so called Mr. Brown, saying that her missing brother owes him over two thousand dollars. She decides  to not tell her distraught parents, because it will most likely tear the family more apart. Mr. Brown arranges a meeting spot at the library, at 9:00 [ When it’s dark ] she gets a little suspicious, but when he says that if she doesn’t meet him there, he will call her parents. And she really would not like that to happen. Seeing as she has become so quite close with Frank [ her missing boyfriends brother ] she decides to tell him about her issue. Frank insists on coming, to the library [ to be her body guard ] so she will be safe, but when he doesn’t turn up at there meeting arrangement, she starts to worry that she got the wrong date or the wrong time. Then she starts to think what if he calls mum and dad, at home, who will pick up? What will they say? She tells Frank that she must rush home quickly to take the call. They catch the bus home, the bus stop is a few blocks away from her house, Frank insists on walking her home so she is, the again safe, but she refuses. Good thing she does refuse because when she is walking home, Mr. Brown drives up next to her and hops out of his car to talk. Anne’s first idea is to run away from this man who did not tell her his first name, or this man who she had never met. But then she thinks about the family.

That is all I have got up to, but so far my prediction is that she ends up giving this Mr. Brown the money that her brother owes, and also I think that, Dan [her boyfriend that is missing] or her brother that is missing, that one of them is still alive, and that one of them has done something to the other.