Year 6 Agreements Reflection

We agree to…

~Respect ourselves, others and our learning environment: I think I and all of year 6 have respected each other very well, by looking after our uniform and taking care of each other. We also respect our classroom and the objects that we use in the classroom. I think that we all keep the classroom quite tidy, or when it is messy we do a very good job bye cleaning it up.


~Respectfully listen using our eyes, ears and bodies: I think I have so far been very respectful to all the classes by using my, ears, eyes and heart to listen to the teachers. I also think that I have respected my uniform and my body very well, and kept myself quite clean at recess and lunch.

~Be creative: On Friday all of 6A made math’s signs, and we were all being very creative whilst decorating. By using glitter and colour, and thinking outside of the box

~Take risks: On Thursday all of the year 5’s and 6’s had sport. We all chose what summer and winter sport we would like to do, there was also a note about trying out for the state basketball, netball, soccer or cricket team. Most people chose to get the note, so that was putting yourself out there and taking risks by trying out for the Victorian team.

~Show, not just tell when showing the way: Nobody has really asked me where to go, but when someone does ask me I will take, and show that person exactly where they need to go, so next time they will know, and possibly show the next person where to go!

~Embrace opportunities: So far we haven’t had many opportunities, but throughout the year I am sure we will have many.

~Treat others as we would like to be treated: I would always like to be treated nicely and be respected, so that is the way I will treat other people.

~Be inclusive: I have included people in the class, but I could always be a bit more inclusive.

~Be respectful and mindful of learning spaces: We haven’t been in our learning spaces for long, but we have respected our classroom very well.

~Be open-minded and embrace differences: In year 6 there a lot of opportunities so I am going to be very open minded and also embrace differences.

~Create a happy environment: Always be kind to the people around you and the people in year 6, I think I have been quite happy, so if everyone is happy and kind it will be a very happy environment.

~Try our hardest to be better at everything: I think I have tried very hard so far in all my classes.

~Help each other out: if someone doesn’t know where to go, help them out, I think I have helped a few people in my class out by telling them where things are.

~Use our initiative: when I have finished a task I have gone on to some homework or finished something that needs to be done.

~Listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas: I have listened well to other peoples ideas instead of just saying ” no that’s a bad idea”

~Learn from our mistake’s: I have learnt from mistakes, so next time I go to do that thing I wont make that mistake.