#Feedback // Term 4 Week 9A

Hey readers,

Today Emily and I got our feedback from people in our class, the whole class got into small groups and went around watching each others  videos/ the people who were showing there iproject.  All of our film was in a a time lapse which made it look really cool, well that is what everyone said, at the start of our film we had to add a quick ”How to make an iproject  film”.  Unfortunately my partner ”Emily” did not let me edit the film as much as I would of liked too, and there were many grammar ans spelling mistakes, also the slide show part at the start where it has the ”how to make an iproject” every time you would go to read each step it would go to quickly, so that you would be lucky enough to get the  first line out of  it and then it would disappear. It was frustrating for me to watch because if my partner had of let me help our film would/ could of been  so much better, you might love a film or a piece of work that you have done but you also need to get someone else from another persons  perspective of the piece/item of work that you are doing. Other peoples feedback was that it was really entertaining and funny at the end of the film, other people also said that they really liked our idea and it made them hungry even though our cake pops were slightly disgustingly sweet.

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