Learning Post- Term 4 Week 7A

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Just the weekly learning post for you;]

Inquiry-This week in inquiry Ellie and I managed to finish all of our filming and all the voice overs. We re-shot the introduction and outro, because we thought we could improve a bit, the films are due next Friday on the 25th but I think Ellie and I can finish it by the end of this week if we set our minds to it. We have culled all of our footage so we literally just need to put the film in order of the voice overs and maybe just cut a bit of the film at the very ends of it. The hardest part was probably the introduction because we didn’t quite know where and how exactly to do it but we got there in the end, when we have finished our film I will put it om my blog for you guys to see.

Maths- This week in maths instead of maths groups, we stayed in our classes but just rotated to a different teacher. We went with Mrs Stafford and I really enjoyed what we did, it was a pyramid but the edges were on a 90 degree angle and you could see the outside blocks which kind of looked liked steps. We had to work out how many blocks were there altogether, I just multiplied the outsides to get the number of blocks on each level. I finished a lot quicker then the girls on my table so I decided to work with some of the boys who were at the same sage as me to figure out the harder questions.

English- This week in writing I probably had two of the most productive sessions ever, I managed to complete about 6 very long and descriptive seeds. I also managed to get three people to give me feedback on a writing piece so then I could go put it in the writing tray, Mrs Matthews had the conference with, I just needed to change a few words then I was lucky enough to publish the piece. I managed to finish publishing the piece in that writing piece, which was good.

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