Learning Post Term 4 Week 5A

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This blog post is just a weekly learning post.


Maths-This week on Wednesday, we had maths groups. We were starting a new thing in maths…..AREA and PERIMITER, I signed up for the ‘’Measuring the area’’. I didn’t know much about how to measure the area or perimeter but I knew what they both were, Mrs S first introduced us to measuring the area and what it is exactly, and then when we knew what it was she gave all of us a work sheet. I found the work sheet quite simple but there were a few trick questions. ‘’The towns perimeter has 4 sides that are each 10km2’’ the trick about that is you just think of multiplying 4 with 10 but because there are 4 sides of 10 you would multiply 10*10 which equals 100.


English- The other day in writing, Mr H came over to me to have a one on one conference. I had, had one conference with this piece already but I needed to work on it a bit more, Mr H helped me with so much in the piece and he helped me clear up a few sentence that I needed to work on. Once we had finished the conference I went over and re-wrote the piece so I could clear it up a bit and make it a lot easier to read and understand. When I had finished writing the piece I stuck on my seed to it and my other draft, now it is ready for another conference which I can hopefully publish it in.


Inquiry-This week in inquiry, we started our personal projects, it isn’t really personal though because it must have something to do with the school. We had to think of a video to make which would help the school out, like how to use your record book properly, that is what Ellie and I are doing. We were lucky enough to get a free record book form Mr P, we wrote both of our names on it and also wrote some ideas on a piece of paper. Next week we will type up a shot list then hopefully we will be able to start some filming in about two weeks.

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