S.O.S Conservation Film

This term we got a great opportunity to help support 1 out of 10 animals.

First we chose an animal, Orangutan, Helmeted Honey eater, Crocodile, Seal, Stick insect, and so on. I chose the Orangutan because us humans share so much in common with them, and they also would have a very strong message to convey. Once we had chosen the animal that we should lend our voice to, we did a lot of research on that animal, [where they live… what they eat…. why they’ re endangered] When we got enough feedback and we were quite happy with our information, we all started putting our info in a good order for a script. I found the script probably the hardest part because I didn’t really know where to put certain sentences and if I should just start with they’re endangered or take my time getting to it.

Once we had our scripts pretty much done the teachers organised a date for us to go to the Melbourne zoo, so that we would be able to to a piece to camera with our animal behind us in the background and also to get all of our footage for our film. The morning came and we got on a bus to go to the zoo, when we got there we all got into our groups of what animal we were doing, in the Orangutans there were only a few people so it was good that it wouldn’t be as difficult filming and not as crowded when walking. We checked out a few of the animals which was quite fun but when that was done we were straight to the Orangutan enclosure, we did a little bit of filming then grabbed our lunch. One of the zoo keepers came into the Orangutan area and gave a great talk about how the animals live and what they do. When he had left and most of the crowd had gone to we started doing our piece to camera, a few of the girls and I did it in front of the food area in the Orangutan enclosure where it has some products that did and didn’t have palm oil so we were able to point at some of the foods to get a stronger messages across.

When we got back we quickly downloaded all of our footage on to our computers then it was home time, we were already for a big day the next day culling and editing all of our footage. So we edited and culled all of our footage until we had enough then we started piecing together the film, I thought putting the film in was probably the easiest part because when the voice over came we wouldn’t have to put the film in particular order. I did my film quite quick so I was one of the first to add a voice over, when I had completed my voice over I changed a few of the positions of my footage so it went perfectly with the voice over.

Next came the feedback stage, we put our computers out with the feedback paper and off we went giving constructive feedback to our peers. I got really great footage but unfortunately I put the wrong film in [ the one that didn’t have music] so the first thing that I did when it came to the re-edit I made sure I still had the correct film, when I had the right film in the folder and I was completely happy with it I was done. YAY

But there was always something else, so then again we put our computers down and got a sticky note so that people could write the positive things about our film and how much we had improved from the first film.

I think this was a great opportunity for us year 6’s to have because we learnt about the real world not everything is happy and the world isn’t getting better, people are killing animals for popularity and fame and just to show off a lions head on their wall, I realised that we could do just a little thing for that animal but it would have made a big difference to that animal.


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