#Planning// iproject// Term 4 week 2B

Hi there Readers,

Emily and I have decided that we will now most likely be making cake pops instead of our first idea, but we will still be keeping the ashotlists-ppmazing drink. We have also be discussing and planning catching up over a few of the next weekends so we can film, and things like that. We have also started talking about our shotlist that we must create for the film to have some flow. A shotlist is where you basically script your whole film and plan what you are going to do throughout your film, and you usually also write down what type of shots you are planning on doing. The shots might be a P.T.C which is where you talk to the camera about what you are doing or something about your ideas. You could do many, any shots, but there is one that I thought might be very cool for Emily and I’s project is, an overhead shot, it is basically a birds eye view, so it would see us in the kitchen from above, like a giant looking down at us [but not a giant.

Thanks readers, that is one of my weekly iproject posts for you;]

6 thoughts on “#Planning// iproject// Term 4 week 2B

  1. So, where is your shotlist?
    #planning (you have not actually tagged or categorised this post)
    Insert planning documents into this post (shotlist / storyboard / script / mind maps, etc.)
    When you’ve done this please let me know. This post is not yet complete.

  2. I like your idea of the drink, it seems delicious! What type of cake pops are you making? A few ideas could be a caramel apple flavored cake pop, a pumpkin cake pop, even a cotton candy cake pop, or anything you want!

    • Emily and I haven’t quite decided what flavours we are doing but thanks for those great ideas, will definitely use some of those great flavours.

  3. hey Camilla,
    it sounds like you and Emily will have heeps of fun with this iproject!!!
    bringing in those pop tarts would be a really good idea 🙂

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