Choice Day- Term 3 Week 10

Hey readers,

Today I will be talking to you about what we did yesterday at choice day. So first the teachers gave us a list with 8 numbers and at the back it had a list of activity’s [Mosaic, Sewing, Knitting and so on] My number 1 was mosaic and my number 8 was Sewing, and of course I got Sewing.

The day came, and lets just say I wasn’t particularly happy with Sewing. I had a few friends doing it with me, but I really would of preferred Mosaic.

First we had to find a shape that we liked [ I chose a flower ] then I had to draw multiple flowers on the back of paper that I liked, so that I could then put them back to back and sew them. In the end I cut out 16 flowers altogether, but they were going back to back so basically there were only 8 flowers. It was a bit hard and boring cutting out 16 flowers but it was fun doing it was friends and kind of being free with how we wanted to do it.

Finally I was up to the sewing part, luckily we were doing it with a machine [ It wouldn’t of gone too well if I did it by handwin_20160916_093556]. My first attempt I just used the scrap paper because it was my first time and there was no point ruining my flowers, lets just say it didn’t work very well because the string ran out and then the whole stitching stuffed up, but then I got the hang of it.

I was excited and nervous when it came to doing my flowers because I didn’t want to ruin my hard work. But after my first flower I got the hang of it and the flowers came out really well, Mrs Watson said it was amazing for my first try and I was really proud of it.

In the end I was happy that I went to the sewing because I never would of learnt how to Sew [Probably], and I was really happy with how I went and how it turned out. Choice day was very fun.

Thanks for reading, readers I hope you enjoyed my post about Choice day because I really enjoyed telling you. :]


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