Term 3 Week 7A- Learning Post

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Here is my weekly learning post :]

Writing/English- Today it was my groups turn for a writing conference. I had written this piece before and was redoing from the feedback I got from the last conference and now it was already to re-conference. My writing piece is called ”how to be kind to friends” it is a procedural text, once I had read my piece the 4 people in my group gave me feedback on what they liked about it. Then I got the most important feedback like- maybe instead of having the same word in the same sentence change it so it doesn’t sound repetitive. I was really happy with my feedback, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to action it because the lunch bell went.

Inquiry- Today in inquiry we got into out promotion film groups and cut out all the bad and unneeded footage and photos, I had cut all our film from Supatramp. Then we had to convert it, to make it a correct file to put into an editing programme, the final step was to get an USB to put all our film onto. Except that was only a tiny bit of the footage from our whole group, we still had to convert all the footage Torquay, but then so did the people from the other classes in our group. On Thursday though we have a day where we are getting all the left over film onto the USB then we can start to film.

Math’s- Yesterday in Math’s we learnt about ordering when doing a complicated sum. E.g. 5+[6*7] How the teacher taught us was with one simple word ”BIDMAS” it stands for brackets, indices, division,┬ámultiplication, addition and subtraction except if it just addition and subtraction you can do it from just left to right like a normal sum. Once we had done a few examples with the teacher he gave us a worksheet to work out. I worked it out with my friend, some of the equations were a bit hard because we either did it the wrong way or found it hard to divide. But the┬áBIDMAS helped us figure them out and we ended up getting all the answers correct:]

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