Term 3 Week 8B- Learning Post

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Just the weekly learning post, for you ;]

Maths-This week in Maths I finished my Problem solving questions, they were both quite complicated. I worked the first question out in the time that we had during school, I was very happy and very sure of my answer, but i had no clue about the second, the only problem with the first question was that i knew the answer but I just had no clue on how to explain it. My dad is genius at maths so when I got home he helped me. I first told him what my answer was, he wrote it down with his own explanation and then he told me that I was correct. He had WIN_20160830_173931the best explanation, once he had explained it to me I wrote it out in my own words. For the second question he figured it out and then made me write it down, when i wrote it down he explained to me how the very, very complicated question worked, then again I wrote it down in my own words.

Inquiry- Yay today i finished my promotion film. I had done majority of the film on Monday but still had tonnes to do. Zoe was away yesterday and she had the Torquay film on her computer so Know-one in my group could completely finish there film. But today she was here and managed to get the rest of the film onto the USB. Finally I had all my film on the computer and I just had to add Torquay in an edit that, add the Music [to set the mood] then just mute all the videos. And luckily in the 1 and 2 period I managed to finish it.

English-Today in English we tidied up or seed book. By tidied I mean finish off the pieces that we started and never finished, add in text types and also take out the pages that just had drawings or scribbles in them. My pieces were all neat but I just had to finish the ones that I started and never got to. I was really happy and proud with what I got done in that period, I also started off a published piece and got the paper and decorated that and now just need to write.

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Term 3 Week – RVE country post

Hey there,

So this week I finished my second country for our RVE project, my country is Jamaica. I am going to type down some questions about the country, down below.

What are the differences between Australia and Jamaica- Well in Australia when you met someone you tend to say nice to meet you ”John” or whatever the persons name is but in Jamaica they would say there last name like nice to meet you Mrs. Smith. The Jamaicans will call them by there last name until a very good friendship is formed.

What are the similarities Between Australia and Jamaica- There greeting is also very similar to ours, instead of doing a tribal dance or WIN_20160829_195607something like that they just give each other a firm handshake with a kind smile with very good eye contact. And that is how the average Australians greet each other too.

If you lived in Jamaica what would be the interesting parts and the challenging parts- The challenging is that the majority of there food is there crops like fish, spices, vegetables, animals. They are very nature friendly so they take only what they need. I also find that interesting to because on the flip side you would be having all these amazing cuisines and you know where it is all coming from, a lot of there meals are influenced from there ancestors and the indigenous people who lived on the land way before them.

So that is my country for RVE I hope you learnt something interesting or new.

Term 3 Week 8B-Reading Post


This week I have made a comic strip for my reading post, our job was to make a ”4 section comic strip about your book” So here mine is!


I’m so sorry it turned out quite blurry, but that is the only way I can you. :[

Term 3 Week 8B-Passion Project

Hi readers,


This week I will be telling you what I am up to in my passion project.IMG_1730

So far I have finished all my filming, I have edited it on Corel now I am up to doing a voiceover over all of my film, I have to do a voiceover because the sound on my computer isn’t good at all. The voiceover is going to be the hardest part because there is so much editing and talking involved. But I am just going to do it in little parts because if I recorded it all in one go I might get to the end and be going really well and stuff up on one word and redo the whole voiceover. I have made a script so I kind of know what to say when I’m doing the actual voiceover but it is going to be hard knowing when to talk and at the right time. Even though I have a script I might want to change the word.

Term 3 Week 7A- Learning Post

Hey Readers,

Here is my weekly learning post :]

Writing/English- Today it was my groups turn for a writing conference. I had written this piece before and was redoing from the feedback I got from the last conference and now it was already to re-conference. My writing piece is called ”how to be kind to friends” it is a procedural text, once I had read my piece the 4 people in my group gave me feedback on what they liked about it. Then I got the most important feedback like- maybe instead of having the same word in the same sentence change it so it doesn’t sound repetitive. I was really happy with my feedback, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to action it because the lunch bell went.

Inquiry- Today in inquiry we got into out promotion film groups and cut out all the bad and unneeded footage and photos, I had cut all our film from Supatramp. Then we had to convert it, to make it a correct file to put into an editing programme, the final step was to get an USB to put all our film onto. Except that was only a tiny bit of the footage from our whole group, we still had to convert all the footage Torquay, but then so did the people from the other classes in our group. On Thursday though we have a day where we are getting all the left over film onto the USB then we can start to film.

Math’s- Yesterday in Math’s we learnt about ordering when doing a complicated sum. E.g. 5+[6*7] How the teacher taught us was with one simple word ”BIDMAS” it stands for brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction except if it just addition and subtraction you can do it from just left to right like a normal sum. Once we had done a few examples with the teacher he gave us a worksheet to work out. I worked it out with my friend, some of the equations were a bit hard because we either did it the wrong way or found it hard to divide. But the BIDMAS helped us figure them out and we ended up getting all the answers correct:]

Thanks for reading!:]

Term 3 Week 7A- Reading Post


Who / What am I? Think about a character, setting or thing from a recently read book. Create at least 8 Who/What am I? quiz question. Ensure each clue adds information from the clue before, leading to the most obvious clue at the end.

This is my ”Reading Post” for this week. My book that I am choosing is called ”Queenie”.

1- I’m soft, fury and cute

2- I help Elsie through rough times

3- Elsie loves to pat me

4- My name is Queenie

5- I am small enough to carry

6-i don not like dogs

7- I like to sleep

8- when I purr it means I am happy

So what am I? Write down below if you know what I am.



Term 3 Week 6B- Learning Post


This week I will be doing one of the weekly blog posts ” The learning post” so here it is, this is what we did this week.

Inquiry- As you know we have a client from ” Geelong and Bellarine Tourism” and today just my class got to film because the place we went to ”Supa Tramp” was closed on Wednesday the day everyone else is going to there classes destination. Even though we went to ”Supa Tramp” yesterday we still get to go to Torquay tomorrow, In Torquay we are going to the beach, main street [ surf shops ] playground and 1 or 2 other places. Once we have got all our film done tomorrow we put it in a folder and also collect our other groups footage from the different locations. When we have got every single piece of film/photo we go onto Corel and make a film that can only be 90secs long, then the teachers will send 4 or 5 of the best one to ” Geelong and Bellarine Tourism” and the lady there will choose from them and put them on there website.

Maths- This week in maths we were focusing on ”Long/ formal division” it is a simple way to solve division questions/problems. This week I learnt how to solve long division questions and hard long division questions. [ 5-6 digits ] I went to one certain group so that I could learn the correct way of carrying in long division, the teacher made us write down 8 different long division problems and then figure them out. The first four problems had no remainders and the last four had remainders, I worked out the answers with 3 friends and I had some of those moments where you just go ” WOW I CAN’T COUNT TODAY” [does that ever happen to you?] but in the end we got all the answers and them all correct, good job girls!


English- In English I did two seeds one was about ”Life” I was writing about how people shouldn’t cheat and lie and take drugs because it doesn’t to anything good to you, your body and your family. I filled up about 3/4 quarters of the page with ideas that I wrote down. My second seed was inspired by my friend, she was writing down a piece called ”I didn’t mean it” something along those lines, so I wrote down the heading on my page ”Sorry” it is about this girl who was in her car at night and she hits a little kid and kills the kid and then drives off  because she didn’t want to blamed for the murder of a little kid.

Thanks for reading!

Term 3 Week 6B- Reading/ Preparation for book week

A610318Readers, this is my reading task this week, I will be answering these few questions and explaining, why, who, how, when, what.

Next week we have Book Week. What was your favourite story / book when you were younger? Find the book/ story, answer the following question and have it ready to bring next week to share with the class.

  1. What makes this book your favourite? Well it is about one of my favourite athletes/Olympian; Sally Pearson, the book is called Sally Pearson ” Believe” I also love it because Sally Pearson’s event is Hurdles, and that used to my favourite athletics event.
  2. Who used to read it to you the most? Why? I read it to myself quite a few times, I got the book when I was 8 or 9 so I was very capable of reading to myself and also because I absolutely love her and hurdles.
  3. What age were you when you first heard the book / story? Well I was in a local ”TARGET” and we were at the cash register, and I saw the book on the shelf, [ it was in early December only 2-3 weeks from Christmas] and I begged and begged mum for it but she said no, wait till Christmas. And on Christmas I got it, I read it that day, when I was 8-9.
  4. Who is your favourite character and why? Obvious my favourite/ only character is Sally, she is just so inspirational and she never gives up.
  5. How did the book make you feel? It made we want to go outside get some hurdles and run till my legs would break off, I was just so inspired by her and I wanted to be just like her and I copied the things she did and said in the book.

Term 3 Week 6B- Passion project

Hey there,

This week I am giving you an update on how my passion project is coming along, I will be telling you what has challenged me, what I have enjoyed and where I am at.

I just started my film tonight, I had all my ingredients [which I made my mum get] and I put them in there bowls. I was all ready to film,[ I didn’t think the watchers would really want to see me putting the ingredients in] on the recipe it didn’t say how much food die I had to put in that was my first mistake too much food die. Second mistake, the second mistake I made was instead of putting 3 teaspoon of water in I put 3 table spoons, and that made the mixture really wet. The mixture is meant to be dampish so you can make a ball but not wet. The third mistake I made was blow drying all the mixture, which stunk out the whole kitchen.

The best part of the experience was went I put the wet mixture under the tap, it fizzed and popped just as it should, I also have a good idea now, to put glitter in to make the bath bomb really shiny when it is fizzing away in the bath.

So now I am up to, filming another time and trying to get it right, I know what to do and now what not to do. I hope you enjoyed my explanation of me making bath bombs and stuffing up 3 times.

Switzerland’s Culture

WIN_20160815_095638 This week we had shared our countries culture that most of us finished, my country was Switzerland, and now I will be comparing some things and telling you some things about Switzerland.

What are the differences? well Switzerland are very big with there timing and there work, there work is very praiseworthy, and with there timing they are very precise. In Australia know one really likes to be late and everyone tries not to be late, but in Switzerland it is extremely rude.

What are the similarities? Majority of Switzerland’s  religion is Roman Catholic but a lot of them stayed Catholic, and a lot of people in Australia are Catholic, also with all the other different religions.

If you lived in this country what would you find most interesting and challenging? If I lived in Switzerland I would find the timing most interesting, because they seem very precise and it is very, very rude to be late. I would also find the timing and the work very challenging because there work tends to be very praiseworthy.