Term 2 Week 3A- Passion Project

This week I will be telling you my plan of attack to create my video for my passion project. I am doing a reverse layup, which is a layup in reverse in basketball, I am obviously going to have to do a video for it. I was thinking maybe I could have a video of me watching a video of how to do a reverse layup, and then I could go out and try bits of it. And also having a video of me doing a layup, and then 1 week later thing, and then for the end of the video I will have me being able to do the layup a few times in a row. Maybe I might be able to get one of my parents to video me doing one in a game, and actually making it. I am going to watch videos on YouTube, maybe read some basketball books, and google some good tips on SAFARI. I will be updating you every week about how my project is going and more of my plans.

Term 2 Week 3A- READING LOG

WIN_20160421_184220Dear Readers,

This week I will be telling you about my book that I am reading, I will be telling you if the title sound interesting if the blurb sounds interesting, and the positives and minuses of the book.

Firstly, I will start with the cover and the blurb, the cover has a picture of this boy with his messed up face, and then the title at the top saying WONDER. To be honest I think the author could of done a bit better with the cover because it seems a bit dull, but then on the other hand, it makes you want to read the blurb because of the strange cover. When you read the blurb it makes you seem sorry for the boy because he has his face to deal with and all these surgeries.


POSITIVES                                                                                                                NEGATIVES

I really like all the detail about how the boy feels when                                    I think it is interesting how they say how he always gets

people stare at him, also how hard his life is, and how                                         bullied, but after a while, he is always getting bullied, and

lucky we are do be born without disabilities and things                                       it just repeats every 5 pages in the book. I don’t have ma-

like that.  A good part in the book is when its Halloween at school                   ny negatives with the book.and they all have masks on, and his so thought friend, was talking to the mean kids

and they were like why do you still hang out with him, and his friend was like

because the principal told me to. And the boy overheard his friend saying that.


Dear readers,

Today I will tell you about three of our main subjects at school, Maths, English and Inquiry.

MATHS- Last week we started a new thing in maths 2D and 3D shapes, and at the start of this week we had to choose a group of three, and choose a 3D shape/s my group chose the cube and a square based pyramid. Our task was that we had to make a stop it animation video, and make a little story about our shapes, our story was that these people made a house using the cube and the pyramid, in the video we also had to show the net, so when they were building the house, we showed the 2D net.

ENGLISH- This week in writing, the year 4/5/6 coordinator came in and took our writing class, he read out all these pieces that made you feel something, and also wanted to make you keep reading. Then we had to write about something we are scared of, I do not like heights at all so I wrote about the twin towers and how I walked across them, it was based on the book/movie ”THE WALK” I have seen the movie and it was really cool how they planned it all. I really like the ending of my piece, if I wasn’t the author it would of made me feel annoyed, because the ending cuts off.

INQUIRY- On Tuesday we had shared inquiry, that is when our class splits into two groups, we then read a book that is meant to start a conversation, about what the meaning is, and that kind of thing. We read one, it was called ” THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET” I never seem to like any of the books we read in inquiry, because they are never actually interesting they are weird, but some how when our class conversation gets going it doesn’t stop, and at the end of the day it was just about a strange book.


Dear readers,

For homework this week we have to tell you about something personal. About 2 weeks ago I got a dog, his name is Ted, he is two and a half , he has the same birthday as a girl in my class, except she is not 2.

I had been wanting a dog for a long time, but mum and dad weren’t exactly into the idea though. One night dad and I went for a walk, some how the conversation came up about getting a dog, and when we got home we were still talking about it, mum over heard our conversation, and said ” We are not going to get one but we could look at GAWS in Geelong”. [ G- geelong A- animal W- welfare S- society] We went and looked at the dogs the next day, there was a cute ”staffie” called ”RJ” but he was a bit too hyper and jumpy for my little sister. About a week later mum was looking on the GAWS website, she saw this really cute dog called ”RILEY”. The next day we weren’t doing anything, so the whole family went to GAWS, I saw ”RILEY” in a cage and he looked so cute, we had a meet and greet with him, because he is a ”greyhound” he used to race a lot but he was too slow. His owner came in a few days before we got him, and said to the lady at the desk, ”here’s the dog, his too slow to raWIN_20160421_185046ce so we don’t need him anymore” the lady asked what the dogs name was and he said ”dog 3”.

That was really sad because ”RILEY” would of been left in a cage smaller than the size of a car, and taken out to run 900m, and put back in till the next race, and his owner didn’t even have a name for him.WIN_20160421_185202 We ended up getting ”RILEY” but we had to change the name because we didn’t like it. If you run around the house he will chase you because he thinks its a game, the weird thing is he is really, really, really fast and if he was the slowest racing dog imagine the fastest. We were going to call thee dog ”SNOWY” because he has little white paws, and he is the opposite to white, but it sounded to much like no [ snow, no ] so we have called him Ted.

Term 2 Week 2B- READING LOG

This week readers, my teacher has given us a little task. We have to choose a powerful sentence from our book/s that we are reading, we then have to rewrite the sentence down below. I will also be telling you about the book [wonder] that I have been reading. I will also tell you what I am up to in the book. I will update you every week. I will do a quick recap of what I told you last week.


WIN_20160421_184220POWERFUL SENTENCE- Eyes like lasers staring at me. That sentence felt really powerful to me, because in the book WONDER every time someone stares at him, he would know. He knows why they are looking, and it would hurt [ not literally, on the inside ].


So far there is a boy, and when he was born something happened and now his face looks different. He is supposed to be in year five now, but he hasn’t ever been able to go to school, because he has so many operations, and he would miss out on too much. He hasn’t and won’t need to have another operation for a few years, so his parents have decided about him maybe going to school. And of course he wouldn’t want to go to school, because he thinks he will be teased and stared at, because of his face. His parents convince him to meet the principle, and see the school. He gets showed around the school, and also talks to the principle. He and his family decide that it would be best for him to go to the school at the start of the year. So he goes to the school and makes one friend called Jack, who is in his class.



Readers I hope you enjoy my book, I will update you every week. I have a feeling this is going to either have a really sad ending or a really happy ending. What do you think?


Term 2 Week 1A- MYSTERY FILM

Dear Readers,

In Inquiry we were thinking of mysteries, like the Bermuda Triangle, people go on boats through the waters of the triangle, the boat is found but not the passengers, where do they go? There are many unsolved mysteries around the world, like the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and many more.

This week we had a challenge to make a teaser trailer, about a mystery about the school. The thing is, we got to make up the mystery, my group decided to make our mystery about these year eights that had there school camp in Robinson hall. In the middle of the night they heard a scream. In the morning the girl was missing, was it just a coincidence that the night the girl went missing it was a blue moon, or was it the ghost that once haunted the Geelong College.

The editing part was really hard, especially to get all the right music, and to get the voice-over right.

The struggles that my group had, would most likely be everyone to cooperate. And it was hard to not let the camera see the people in our groups faces. Overall it was a success, But it would of been good to have a bit more time to work on it.

Who do you think took the girl from Robinson Hall, Comment down below.






Dear  readers,

Today I will tell you, what I enjoy reading and how long I usually like to read for. Last term I was  enjoying, the crime, mystery and murder, but this term I have just started this book called ”Wonder”  it is about this boy who’s face is  all messed up. Ever since  he was born he was always having surgery, and he has never been to school before because of all the  surgery. Now he is in year 5 he hasn’t had, or needed  to have surgery for  a long time, and his parents have been talking about him going to school.


I think that this book might be sad, because of the boys life, and because he is going to a new school he will probably be bullied.

Term 2 Week 1A- What am I passionate about?

Dear Readers,

For this weeks homework, I am telling you something I really enjoy, or are really passionate about. If you read my blogs often,  you may know that I really enjoy, and am really passionate about basketball. But I also enjoy other things, I usually like to be outside, with a friend or playing basketball. I don’t usually enjoy just being at home doing nothing, I also really enjoy swimming, even when it is freezing. In Barwon Heads, there is a really good pier, when the tied is high enough, it is really fun to jump off, and also when the current is really strong, you can go under the pier, and  it pulls you across the water.


My favourite subject in school would be sport of course, but out of maths and English and those types of subjects, it would be maths. I really enjoy the maths tests, and figuring out answers myself, because it makes me feel proud, that after all that work I got my answer right, or I completed a test. And  all in all I like learning new things in maths, like last term,  learnt how to work out ” the power of/indices.

Term 2 Week 1A- iPROJECT/ iPASSION

This term, most of the year 6’s have a big task that we need to accomplish. It is called I Project/ I Passion, it is where we have to think of something we are really passionate about. For example, my  ”I Project is about a basketball move”  I have chosen basketball because I am very passionate about it, and I would love to get better. At the end of the term we show what our passion was, and what we did with it. We have to do a bit of studying, by looking on YouTube and all over the internet, so that we can accomplish what we want to do.

As you may know, I have chosen a move in basketball, it is called a reverse lay-up. I play basketball, every day of the week so I thought it would be good to learn a new move. So far I am thinking of presenting my passion  in a video. I am thinking, of looking at all types of different ways people do it. Some people are thinking of growing things, or painting, or knitting, there are tones of different things that you can do. Every once in a while, I can do a reverse lay-up, but I would like to be able to use it in a game, and actually be able to score a goal. I only have 8 weeks to accomplish a reverse lay-up, so I will be practicing a lot.


Dear readers,WIN_20160413_132640

This week I will be informing you on, the subjects that we have been doing this term. The main subjects I will be telling you about are, Maths, English and Inquiry.

Maths– Yesterday in maths, we started a new activity; 2D and 3D shapes. Firstly we were writing down all the types of words you use for 2D and 3D shapes, like edges, sides, vertices, surfaces and all other names that relate. Then one of the teachers explained, and showed us what a 2D net looks like. Then we had a challenge, our challenge was [using these 3D squares that helped us make a cube and 2D net] that  we had to move/rotate the squares around so that  we could make as many as possible 2D nets that formed into a 3D cube. I made six possible ways, I didn’t have a strategy, but I did realize that when you have four squares going vertical you can only have one square on each side. Then we had to do 2D nets that didn’t form a cube, it was a lot easier, then 2D nets that formed a cube. I really enjoyed that session in maths, because I got to learn what a vertices are.

English- Yesterday in English, we were going on with any seeds, or pieces of writing. I was, and still am writing a piece, that women deserve equal rights. Because in some countries  women cant go to school, and one  girl got shot in the head by a man because, women are meant to cook and clean, and stay at home to look after the kids. I also have quite a few seeds, that we made in the Enviro, but I don’t think I have a very clear message for them, so  I have decided not  to write about them.

Inquiry- Yesterday in Inquiry, we were thinking of mysteries that have happened all over the world, like the Bermuda Triangle, Big Foot and those types of things. Then we got to make up our own  type of mystery, that happened at the Geelong College. Some people made them of the Carji Greeves footy statue, some of the ideas people had were really good. When we had come up  with a good idea in our group, we wrote a blurb about it. Then the teachers told us that we could make a teaser trailer, like what movies have to show the interesting parts of the  movie to make it seem really interested and get people to come and watch it. My group made our mystery up about, these year 8’s who had them school camp in Robinson Hall, and in the middle of the night they heard a scream, and  then in the morning one of the kids had disappeared, and all that was left was her shoes.