Learning Post

Dear readers I usually say a few things about what I learnt, and also I usually talk about different subjects but today I am just talking about one subject.

Maths- In maths we had this challenge called crosses, you hWIN_20160311_130252ave a cross, and in the cross you have five grids going horizontal, and five grids going vertical. You have numbers from 1-9, you might put a nine on the vertical side and then a six on the horizontal side and so on. But the main challenge is, that you have to use all the numbers, you cant use a number twice, and if you plus all the numbers on the vertical side, and then you plus all the numbers on the horizontal side, they have to equal the same amount. After we had finally found a few solutions and we had a strategy, Mr. Torney gave us some homework, we had to do a PowerPoint, with all these slides with questions and things.


My goal is to get better at explaining, and showing how I got that answer, and showing my thoughts. I think I LEARNT HOW TO EXPLAIN A BIT BETTER when doing the PowerPoint, and even this blog.

Personal Post- What I enjoy!

basket ballDear readers for this weeks homework…. we have to do a personal post. My personal post is about… Basketball!!!!!

Basketball is my favourite sport, and I have been playing since I was 6 years old. I play in 2 teams, seagulls lime, is a domestic team, that I play on Monday nights, and train on Thursday nights. And my other team is Bellarine Storm, which is a rep team, and we play teams from all around the region. With storm I train on Wednesdays and Sundays, it is a lot more competitive than domestic basketball. About a month and a half ago, I tried out for this Bellarine storm skills training. About 20 Bellarine storm players tried out for it and about 12 got in, lucky enough I got in, but every Wednesday morning at 5:00am I have to wake up to go to the training which begins at 6:00am. The amazing thing is about the skills and the training we do, is that our trainer, played in the England basketball team for the OLYMPICS. she also played for W.N.B.L which stands for Women’s National Basketball League. She is now a fill in coach at Bellarine Storm, and sometimes when our coach is at another game, we are lucky enough for her to train us!!!


Reading Log- term 1 week 7

Watching Words:  Locate 6 interesting words from the books you read this week. These might be words that challenged you, words that were new or words that describe the characters/setting etc well. Write a short definition of these words.

This week we have the same task as last week, we have to complete the above.

I am going to use words out of the book, ” They Never Came Home”.

Again I will describe a character. My character is Frank, Frank’s brother has gone missing up in the mountains. And he has now become close friends with his brothers girlfriend [Anne] , because her brother went missing with his brother. the words that I am going to use to describe Frank will be……………………………….

Thoughtful-When Anne got the call about her brother owing money, Frank offered to come, just in case because she had never met this man, and he arrange to meet at night.

Confused-I think Frank is really confused about how is brother has gone missing, and also how Anne has got this weird phone call from a man about his brother, and that he owes the man around 2,ooo dollars.

Sad– He misses his brother a lot, and feels like it was his fault that his brother has gone missing because, he could of gone camping in the mountains, and could of most likely prevented, whatever happened.

Lonely– He isn’t totally lonely, his got friends and things, but he is more lonely inside and at home. Because his house as just become really QUIET because of his brother.

Helpful-Frank is helpful around the house, by supporting his parents, and being there for Anne.

Supporting– Frank really supports his family around the house, especially because his mother has just gone into total ad utter shock, about her boy that has gone missing in the mountains.


What I have been learning this year!

Hi readers, today I am going to tell you what I have learnt about in school… including, Inquiry, English, Maths and specialists subjects.

Inquiry- in inquiry, we split the class into half, one with one teacher one with the other, we read a book that is weird and quirky. Then we right some questions down in our book, like what you didn’t understand, or what you thought was really weird about it. Then we read it again so then we can have a conversation with the class, and a small argument why they did that, and things like that.

English- last week in English Mr. Wade jr showed us how to use commas correctly, and if you put them in the wrong spot, or don’t even put them in at all, it will totally change how you want to say it. Example… I bought a silver hat, paper and a book. I bought a silver, hat paper and a book.

Maths-in maths we are working on a lot of describing, explaining  and having an image of your task. So when we do a reflection of the task, you have the drawing or the image, of how or what you were thinking about the task. Which will make it easier to talk about, well it does for me.

P.E- we are working on our target, we played a game, where the girls stood on one side, and the boys stood on the other, then we had a competition to see how many of these squishy toy things we could get in the ring. We worked on how to do the stance, side on target hand, arm out, all those kind of little things you do to have a good throw.

Drama- we are working on a lot of improvisation, and we are planning all of our skits for a big class competition, where we have all these little games and we have to act as best as we can. Next Friday we have a judge coming in to judge us, Mr. Galluccio hasn’t told us anything about this judge, but he accidently told us that it was a girl….

Readers, I hope you now know a bit more of what we do at school.

Week-6 Reading log

Hi readers, this week for our home learning homework, we have to do this…….

Watching Words:  Locate 6 interesting words from the books you read this week. These might be words that challenged you, words that were new or words that describe the characters/setting etc well. Write a short definition of these words.


In my book called soon there is a man called Gabriek, he is the godfather of the main character in the book. I am going to describe 6 words about Gabriek for you-

GREEDY-means you want every thing for yourself, in this case Gabriek wants all the food for himself and his godson. Because there it is hard to find food during and after the war.

SELFISH-is a lot like greedy, you want every thing to yourself.

LAZY-lazy means when you just expect everyone else to do the work for you, or you just lye around on the couch doing nothing.

OLD-means you have been in the world for quite a while, in Gabriek’s case around 50years.

AN ACHOLIC-you like to drink a lot because you might be depressed or sad or just… you love drinking.

LOCKSMITH- Gabriek, fixes and makes locks for people so he can get some food, and also because he gets threatened.



Parents-Goal Setting


Hello readers,

Firstly our class task was to blog about how we thought we had been going on them. Then we had to come home and ask our parents, a goal that they could give us. The parent I asked was my dad, because he was the only parent home. He said to be the best that you can be. [ you meaning me] I think he means, don’t try and be better than the person next to you, but try and be your best, to get your own P., not your competitors.

So for the rest of this term, you know what my goal will be, trying my hardest in every test and cross country race, and just everything really.


Weekly Reflection

This week I will be reflecting on how I have been going with the goals I set for myself.

My goal-Showing, not just telling my answer, but showing my thoughts, ideas and maybe also in drawing or pictures. In any working out time


So far I think I have done reasonably well in my showing and explaining and not just telling my answer. I mainly use my goal in maths because we do lots of problem solving. In maths I have been writing down my answer and my thinking saying, how I got that answer and how that picture links with my thinking. Honestly I do need to keep on working on my goal, because I am not a very good explainer, but so far I am working on it. Hopefully I will learn to explain well, or just at least make a little sense when writing down my answer!!