VCE Expo

Yesterday all the year fives went to senior school to look at all the amazing artwork. We got to have a look around at all the artwork, my favourite  piece of artwork was this really cool bed. It had a frame around it a girl called Georgia had made it [ I think ], another really cool thing was an elephant made out of marbles. There was this room with a big screen which they had interesting videos on. There was a girl called Kennedy who made a piece of artwork about her grandfather, she also had two glass containers with dirt and things from her farm. There was also a year 12 girl who had  bought army clothes an added Geelong College onto the clothes. I thought the senior students did a really good job.

Year 8 Cre8


Today we went into the year 8 classrooms at looked at the year 8 cre8 projects. I was walking around and I saw some really nice candles, which smelt really good. we were talking to Charlie and Skye the girls who made them and they gave us a miniature candle. We asked them how they made it and they said they melted the wax and bought the jars. They also said they were selling them, [ I really want to buy one]. They said it took them  2hours to make the whole candle. There were big candles and then small candles, the big candles were made by Skye [20 dollars] and then Charlie made the small candles [ 15 dollars]. They are selling them at school.








We stopped at some really cool jewellery, we asked Paris how she made them. She said she made them out of clay and then rolled them till they were as round as possible. She made necklaces and earrings, the earrings were reallWIN_20151016_095530y colourful. The necklaces were mainly silver and then fluro. Paris was inspired by her friend Lily who makes them all the time.








We walked over to some of Rose’s photos she took at Lizard Island. She had a big photo of a turtle, and she also haWIN_20151016_094916d a video going and a collage on the wall. On the video there were some really cool photos under water. The turtle was really big and green. I really liked the collage she made of lizard island.

Robotics Evaluation

colour blackOn Friday the teachers were going around to everyone’s group and seeing what they have learnt and done in the last term during robotics. When my group was called up, Sophie and I showed a colour sensor. When our robot goes over a certain colour it will say the name of the colour. Then we showed them some shapes that we made. Our whole group worked on a black line but unfortunately it didn’t work, it just went around in circles. I think we worked quite well as a group but we could have worked harder and more effectively.WIN_20150813_125948

Microworlds Quiz

mwToday we shared our microworlds quizzes in a group of four. After we shared our quizzes the people in your group said some positive and negative comments about the quiz. So in the future we can use those comments to help us make better quizzes and add more things. The comments I got were [ I thought your quiz was good, but maybe add one more page] [Maybe you could make some more questions] [I liked your questions maybe make them harder] Then the answers I gave to my group were mainly, make them harder,  and add some more pages. So next time I make a microworlds quiz I can add those extra things.