Decision Maker

Today we had ” MAKER DAY” which is where all the year 5’s make cool things, I made a decision maker. A decision maker is a little circuit put together to make two lights flash at the same time and at different times. The things I found difficult was understanding how to put all the different wires in the correct positions, because they had to go upside down and then some of then needed to be twisted. If at the end your wires were not put in the right places or turned around right then the lights wouldn’t work because it had to be exact. Once all the wires were in place we had to solder them, soldering was really hard and you had to be careful that you didn’t burn yourself because it was 500 degrees. Soldering was also hard because you had the metal hot part and then you had the solder [ which is wire] if you put your fingers to close to the end of the solder your fingers would burn. The thing that I found really cool about soldering was, when you put the metal part on top of the solder it makes this silver metal, that looked  like a bubble. Soldering is really good for sticking things together it is like glue but soldering is a bit more dangerous. My decision maker was complete with both lights working but unfortunately one was a bit dim, but it was a really enjoyable session.

Building and Programing

Yesterday we had to program our lego robots that we made. Sophie and I were programing songs such as old McDonald and Twinkle Twinkle and then we are going to add turns and rotations. In a few weeks we are going to make a different harder robot, there are dogs monsters colour sorters. There is are program where you put a colour in front of a light on the robot and it will say the colour that you have put in front of it. Ben, Max and Sophie are working on a colour sensor, because most of the year 5’s have got one and the teachers made a track for every one to race there robots on. While my group is working on the colour sensor, Emmy, Ellie and I are working on space challenge. Which is a number of challenges to do with space, and we are working on the space rocks. To complete the space rocks challenge you must start at the base and then go forward to mars to collect the rock then you drag it back to base and turn about 45 degrees and then do the same one more time. We have done everything except to get the turn exactly right, and when we have finished the space rocks we will go onto another challenge.