Race Car Track

Last week we had a homework task, we had to make a game and then program it. We also could include a few rules, like touch one of the sides and then you would have to go back to the start. In my game firstly I had to make a background my was a race car track. I made the grass and then I made the track with one of the oval tools on the, side. Then I made my sprite, to make a sprite you can go onto the sprite selection to choose anything or you can paint it. I painted my sprite because it looked better. Next I made my sprite 2 which was the finishing line. In my game you have 120 seconds to complete the whole track, when you touch the grass you go back 3 steps. There are also some red power ups so when you touch them you go forward 5 steps, if you complete it, it will say you win if you don’t you lose. Next time I would like to improve by maybe having another car and possibly some harder challenges.