Presenting our Rube Goldberg machines

On Thursday all of the year fives showed off their Rube Goldberg machines to year eights, year sixes, year fours and the ELC kinder kids. The ELC’s probably liked it the most, and they were the most interested too. When we started to set it up it wasn’t working so we did the catapult again. Our groups machine was to put lollies into a bowl, we ended up bringing seven bags of chocolate m+ms and skittles. The year sixes ate the most of the lollies out of them all, they probably altogether ate one whole bag. In the end the machine expedition was a success.



The coach needed 24 red basketballs and 48 blue basketballs. That needed to be shared equally into groups without the colours being mixed. How many balls might be in each group? Can you find four possible answers?

To get the answers I needed, I used halving and doubling and also times tables. I also put the different numbers together and saw what they had in common.


Lego Excursion

On Tuesday all the year fives went on a bus to Melbourne for a Lego excursion. The first thing my group did was make a Ferris wheel, and then plug it into windmills and then the Ferris wheel would turn around. The next activity was programing a robot to do three missions. The first mission was to make our robot do enough rotations to hit a magnet. The first few times didn’t work but we put in decimals. It went right up to the magnet but it didn’t actually touch it, I realized that the back wheel wasn’t straight so I turned it and it worked. The second mission was to make it touch the magnet, make a sound and then go backwards, but not so far that it would fall off the table. We used the same program as mission one but the robot also had to make a sound and go backwards. The sound was FANTASTIC, and then we just switched backwards to forwards. The third mission was to make the robot go around a sun on the table so that the tires wouldn’t burn off. The first time Evie, Cc and I got confused, when we put in forward 30 and then right turn 25 it only went a third of what we wanted. Then we thought why don’t we just double it to 50 and then repeat it four times. The robot just made it without touching the sun. Our final activity was to make a car go down a track and record how far it went. We also had to make the car which was difficult because on the top part of the car there was a yellow circle that had a rubber band around it, the other side of the rubber band was on the axel. The rubber band was suppose to make it go slower but it wasn’t letting our tires move, Mrs. Watson told me to just take it apart and then start the car again. The first few tasks were pretty easy but one of the last one wasn’t working, we had to put bigger tires on the back and that was stuffing up the car unfortunately I don’t know why. I learn that the rubber band causes friction on the axel.IMG_0006

Year 5 Allegro Concert

IMG_0142 Yesterday, all of year 5 performed in front of family and friends. We caught a bus over to Keith Humble Centre at Senior School. All of year 5 went off into different rooms to practice with our groups. My group was one of the more experienced groups because everyone in my group already played that instrument. Once we had got into our groups we played a game. The aim of the game was to find someone with the same rhythm as you. When we finished the game we went off to practice in our groups. When we had finished practicing everyone joined back into the auditorium. All the parents started coming in to watch there children. In the end it was a really good performance. ;]

Rube Goldberg Machine Success

Yesterday in design my group completed our Rube Goldberg machine. We have nearly finished the video we are doing to show all the things we have done. Evie and Ruby just need to do a video of what they learnt and then we need to get a close up of the lever and axel hitting all the lollies. Our machine is complete, stable and working perfectly, we have also done a power point that we need to finish too. Hopefully we can finish the power point and the video and then we will be totally finished.P1020203

Black Water

These are three of the main characters in Blackwater, Brodie, Pauline and Otis. Here are a few things about the characters  and what they are like.



Is a thirteen year old girl who enjoys bats and also watching them. Brodie and John think Hannah is weird and strange. In the story Brodie pulls Pauline Geniros leg because he is jealous that she is kissing Otis. Otis tries to keep Pauline on the rock but he falls into the Blackwater too. Brodie thinks that Hannah wrote a note to try and persuade him to come up and tell the truth. Hannah is a bit suspicious and she creeps around a bit.



Is also a thirteen year old who is threatened by notes he is receiving after manslaughter. At first he wants to be honest and tell the truth but his little cousin Alex is making it worse for him telling everyone he didn’t do it. Brodie asks Hannah if she was sending him the notes she said yes and then Brodie was convinced to tell the truth.



Is Brodie’s younger cousin who witnesses Brodie pulling Pauline’s legs. He is actually quite sly when he lies to the police telling them that Brodie tried to save them when he saw them fall in. Alex really wants him and Brodie to be friends but it is never going to happen.